Thursday, October 13, 2016

Awarding winning author....

Would you like to add "award-winning author" after your name? Self-published authors and those who have published through small independent publishers now have a chance to pick up this honour with the newly-established CHILL WITH A BOOK AWARD.

Pauline Barclay, author and founder of the award visits Magic of the Muses today to bring us more information on the award.
Thanks for dropping by, Pauline!

Chill with a Book AWARD

 by Pauline Barclay

September saw the launch of a brand new award, Chill with a Book AWARD.

The Award is exclusively for indie authors and authors with small indie publishers and is designed to promote the best books from indie authors.

Indie authors write some of the great reads on offer in the market place, but due to a number of constraints their work is not always as visible as authors published with large publishing houses, yet many of them deserve as much, if not more, recognition.

For those who know me, understand I am very passionate about supporting indie authors, I am one myself and know from personal experience how tough it is to gain recognition and a large following whilst sitting down and writing the next novel, and that is why I have created Chill with a Book AWARD .
Pauline Barclay
I want Chill with a Book AWARD, not only to gain a reputation for recognising great reads, but for authors to feel proud to receive the accolade. However, the AWARD is not for everyone, it will only be honoured to the best.

How the process works:

Once a title has been accepted for consideration it will be read by a number of Chill’s readers and checked against the following criteria…

  • Were the characters strong and engaging? 
  • Was the book well written? 
  • Did the plot have you turning the page to find out what happened next? 
  • Was the ending satisfying? 
  • Have you told your friends about it?

Readers have clear instructions on how to arrive at their evaluation.

Authors must understand that a book accepted for consideration for a Chill with a Book AWARD does not guarantee it will receive the AWARD.

Authors of books accepted for consideration for the AWARD will be notified directly whatever the final decision.

Awarded books will be promoted on Chill with a Book’s web site, Chill's Pinterest board, Chill's Facebook page and Twitter

A small fee of £15 is charged for each book accepted for consideration payable via Paypal (the fee is for the purchase of Kindle copies for readers and any balance left used to maintain Chill’s web site)

There are limited places each month for books to be considered and if you are interested in submitting your title, please email Pauline at in the first instance.

Chill with a Book’s decisions to accept or reject a book for consideration is final.
Chill with a Book's decision to award a book or not is final.

It is an exciting time for Chill with a Book and indie authors and I look forward to seeing great, well written reads sporting the coveted Chill with a Book AWARD button on every book shelf.

For more about Chill with a Book AWARD click on the following link: 

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Pauline Barclay said...

Thank you so much for having me here to talk about the exciting new AWARD for indie authors. I am very passionate about it and I hope to see many books boasting the AWARD button in the future.

Eileen Schuh: said...

And thank you, Pauline, for your continuing efforts to promote authors and their work.