Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Mushrooms and Roses

I felt somewhat like young Katrina, the protagonist in The Traz, out there today in the mellow autumn sun with my basket.

However, Katrina accomplished a lot more with her mushroom picking, than I did. She used it as a cover when she disabled the perimeter sensors of The Traz biker gang compound and then disabled some of the bikers with the toxic Amanita muscaria as the cops swooped in.

Throughout her year-long stay on the compound, she was also known to buy favors from the bikers now and then with the hallucinogenics she found.

Oh, well. At least I get a delicious side dish for supper tonight, and some flowers to brighten my kitchen.

Mushrooms and Roses has been brought to you by THE TRAZ

"Exciting, power, and tragic..."

 “I recommend this dark and compelling story…”

 “I was heart broke when it was over”