Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Donald Trump and I

It's a strange dream.

I have been called into President-elect Donald Trump's office. He is trying to recruit me to work computer security for his administration.

I'm struck by his soft voice and respectful mannerisms, a stark contrast to the media portrayal of him that we'd been bombarded with for a year.

In my dream, I am of course not me, but Katrina Buckhold, the protagonist of my BackTracker series.

I decline his job offer, telling him he can't afford me. I say this to antagonize him because he is of course very proud of how wealthy and powerful he is. As Katrina, though, I am wealthy and powerful as well, having inherited millions from my parents' life insurance and having invested it both wisely, as of late, and in the lucrative cocaine market during my year with The Traz biker gang,

This wealth plus the fact I am the top techie in the world makes me at least on par with Trump in the power department.

"If you don't believe me, google it," I tell him, walking out.

It's not that Trump can't afford me. These days I usually work for free, my payment being the joy I get from doing great things that no one else can do.  I'm just letting him know I can't be bought.

I meet up with President Obama down the hall. I am apparently working for him as a Public Relations person.  I tell him there is no fricken way I'm working for Trump, that I gave up my career in computers for valid reasons and have no desire to return to it. I enjoy my PR job.

Obama gives me a knowing smile and I realize that although I have no inclination to work for Donald or with computers, I will end up doing so, for reasons I can't fathom but ones which Obama seems to know. It strikes me that the President is the one who referred me to Trump.

I'm quite curious as to what is going to happen to change my mind. It will have to be something quite extraordinary.

Then the dogs wake me up.

I hate it when dreams end that way...

Donald Trump and I has been brought to you by:

Book 4 in the BackTracker Series

"I was inexorably drawn into this dark and claustrophobic world of coercion, mysterious antagonisms and deep mistrust." ~Gilli Allan, author of Fly or Fall

Eileen Schuh, Author

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Friday, November 4, 2016

Criminal Minds at Work: Top Secret vs Oversight

Criminal Minds at Work: Top Secret vs Oversight: The police spying on journalists in a democracy? A bit frightening.