Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Criminal Minds at Work: Fire and Fury...

Criminal Minds at Work: Fire and Fury...: Lawsuits and Amendment Rights Trump threatens the publisher and author of Fire and Fury with a lawsuit and the publisher responds by movi...

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Super Powers and grand kids

In the cauldron of a volcano...

I love my grandkids. I adore them. They fascinate me to no end. They remind me of the way I was, and the reasons why I am the person I've become.

They see things clearly, without prejudice. They are unique in word choice and language. They like it when I tease them.

They know how to fix my tablet and phone when things go wrong.

After our home burglary last spring, my husband and I decided to use the insurance money to buy something the thieves couldn't come back and steal.

I now have a brand new fancy hot tub on my deck, complete with a lounger chair, speakers, a smart-phone connection and an entire menu for lighting selection.

Being a crime writer, I was grossed out when the the red light flooded the tub and oozed out of the controls and speakers. I felt I was in a churning pool of blood.

"No, Nana!" the nine-year old said. "It's lava! Turn on the jets and it's a volcano.  See? Now, we must call on our super powers to survive the eruption!"

I now sometimes choose the red light setting when I'm out there alone under the stars. The lava churns about me as I contemplate my super powers.

"Super Powers..." is brought to you by The BackTracker series

At thirteen she falls in with The Traz bikers. At fifteen her testimony brings down the gang. Her genius, beauty and wealth eventually make her a very powerful woman--but Katrina will forever be in danger.