Tuesday, January 15, 2019

TOP 5 Reasons I like my Snoring Machine

I recently acquired what I fondly refer to as my "snoring machine". Officially, it is a CPAP (Constant Positive Air Pressure) device to treat sleep apnea--which is a condition where one doesn't get enough oxygen while sleeping--for various reasons such as parts of one's tongue and throat relax and block one's airway--which is also the cause of one's snoring and/or frequent awakenings at night.

It took me a couple of weeks to get used to the trial machine, despite the fact modern CPAPs are nothing like the noisy, full-face masked monsters that once ruled the nighttime. It's so quiet that if you're over 60 you likely won't even hear it working. And it's computerized so one doesn't have a full hurricane-force wind blowing in one's face all night--one only has enough pressure to keep that airway open and it even automatically reduces the pressure when one's trying to breathe out. And it humidifies the air, which makes it an ideal machine for absolutely everyone who lives on or in the vicinity of Alberta's prairies during the winter. However, let it be known that for now anyway, one does need a doctor's prescription to buy a CPAP.

My entire relationship with the CPAP started when blood pressure monitoring uncovered that my pressure was ultra-high upon first awakening and pretty well normal by the time 2:00 pm rolled around. This led to suspicions of sleep apnea, a condition which further testing confirmed.

Experimental trials proved that using a CPAP, combined with altering the time of my mild blood pressure pill could completely eradicate that high blood pressure.  Several studies have noted that early morning high blood pressure is the most dangerous kind of high blood pressure to have so, from there it was off to buying a snoring machine of my very own.

Better sleep is not the only advantage of these devices. Here are my TOP FIVE Reasons to Use a CPAP:

5. It lowers my blood pressure without medication or side effects
4. It humidifies the air I breathe, resulting in fewer nose bleeds and less troublesome post-nasal drip
3. I can sleep facing my hubby without breathing in his face or having his breath in mine.
2. If the room is too light...or too cold...or too noisy I can bury my entire self under the covers and still breathe...
and the TOP reason I like my CPAP
1. If the dog (or anyone else in the room) passes wind, I do not smell it.

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