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Who am I?
 (Updated 14 March 2014)

I don't very often visit my bio pages, but invariably when I do--to introduce a new release or advise my fans of a special promotion--I'm startled to see that "Who am I?" needs updating, Startled, because I don't feel updated in person, yet obviously I and my life are in constant flux. 

That grandbaby in the first photo is now four-years old. Two-year old Peter, is now in Kindergarten . I welcomed two granddaughters and said the final farewell to my mom--all in the same year.

I can now add a Puerto Vallarta whale-watching trip to my travels, along with a great Jamaican vacation.

Instead of having two published books, I now have five--with another in the wings.

Some things don't change, though. I still ask the same question--"I know who I am, but what will I become?"  

My five books

Photo by Dave Brosha Photography

Am I the young girl growing up on a small farm near Tofield, Alberta? Playing with kittens in the hayloft? Catching frogs and dragonflies? Making snow angels? Puddling in the creek in the springtime? A child growing to adolescence bereft of a TV, running water, telephone, and electricity? The child, who at fifteen gets her first story published in Wee Wisdom Magazine? 
Generations: Me & Mom. She wrote & published children's short stories

Who am I? Am I the young adult who moves to Edmonton, learns of ids and egos, Skinner’s box, psychotropics, and the criminal mind? Who becomes a psychiatric nurse? Who gets her first article published in Unity Magazine?

Who am I? Am I the adult who achieves a Journalism Diploma from Grant MacEwan College and becomes a reporter/photographer for the Viking News?

Who am I? Am I the woman-in-love who gives up her career to marry, moves to Strathcona County, and has three babies in three years? 

Me and those I love

Am I the Office Administrator for the family-owned company, who relocates with the business to St. Paul, Alberta?

Am I the Reporter who becomes the Editor for the St. Paul newspaper, The LakeLander?

Am I a volunteer with the RCMP, the St. Paul Curling Club, and Ducks Unlimited?

Am I this woman, cradling her first grandchild in her arms in a mansion on a hill, the sound of the fountain in the Atrium taking me back to those creek-puddling days of long ago? Am I the woman who does Yoga, is learning to cross-country ski? Is trying to find a publisher for her novels?

Yeah, I am all of that.

I stroke the baby’s palm and he curls his fingers tightly around mine. “Peter,” I whisper. “I know who I am, but what will I become?”

A rare moment of contemplation for the 2-year-old grandbaby


Biography for Eileen Schuh 


Published Books:
"The Traz", an inter-generational novel for at-risk teens and the adults in their lives. The first in my BackTracker series. Bikers/blood/drugs.  A girl, a man, and the law. Available as a paperback.  Soon to re-released as 2nd edition eBook under the Imajin Books banner.

"Schrödinger’s Cat", a psychological quantum sci-fi thriller that spans two universes, was released in print and ebook format in August 2011 by Wolfsinger Publications.

Cyberspace Presence:  Website http://www.eileenschuh.com  Blog: Magic of the Muses http://eileenschuh.blogspot.com Monthly column: http://criminalmindsatwork.blogspot.com/

Canadian Citizen, Alberta resident 

Journalism Diploma: Grant MacEwan College

Reporter/Photographer: Viking News

Reporter/Feature writer: The LakeLander, St. Paul
     Feature articles included:
  • a tour of the intimidating and historic convent in St. Paul
  • an onsite interview with the owner of the haunted castle at St. Vincent Lake
  • interviews with both promoters and detractors of the development of the Iron Horse Trail
  • coverage of the early-morning fire that destroyed the Saan Store on main street
  • Federal, Provincial, and Municipal election coverage
Editor: The LakeLander 

Published Articles:
  • Unity Magazine
  • Wee Wisdom Magazine
  •  ‘Writers Guild of Alberta’ 
  • ‘Crime Writers of Canada’
  • ‘The Canadian Children’s Book Centre’
Other Education: Psychiatric Nursing

Volunteer Experiences:
  • For the RCMP: Secretary and patroller with St. Paul Citizens on Patrol
  • For the St. Paul Curling Club: Secretary/Treasurer and fundraiser
  • For Ducks Unlimited, Search & Rescue St. Paul, & the St. Paul Chamber of Commerce: a variety of experiences
Travel Experiences:
Haesingdang Penis Park S. Korea

  • South Korea: experienced being a visible minority. Enjoyed learning about the culture. Gamsa hamnida, Korea! (Thank you.)

  •  Across Canada: Victoria to Newfoundland and north to Yellowknife where I’ve experienced both the summer and winter solstices. We did a road trip to the Yukon and Alaska.
Fun in Boulder Creek, Colorado

  •  United States including Las Vegas, Yellowstone Park, Wisconsin, Colorado

  • Mexico: Riviera de Maya. Skinny dipping in the Caribbean under a full moon

  • Dominican Republic: toured the Columbus family’s home place

  • Cuba: smoked cigars (Had to quit smoking all over again!)

  • Costa Rica- coast to coast. Zip-lined in the Rain Forest. Saw sloths, Cayman, an active volcano, active (and very noisy) Macaws & monkeys. Almost stepped on a coral snake.
A Panamanian sloth

  • Panama - saw the canal 
Parasailing over the Pacific in Panama

 Who am I?

I am a green witch on Monday mornings before coffee

I am playin' in the mud

I'm a Nana

I'm a Governor General's Medal recipient

I'm an author: posing in Yellowknife
I am excited to get my proof copy of THE TRAZ paperback