Wednesday, October 19, 2016


The coffee stain...

A complete image of the OPERATION MAXTRACKER cover came to me very early in the process of discussing my new novel with Cathy, my cover designer over at Avalon Graphics. That's never happened to me before.

I usually have a general inkling of what I want the covers of my new books to look like (although there have been times when I've had no clue). But this cover came to me complete, in full colour, with graphics and text, background--the whole thing.

And in that vision, on that TOP SECRET file centering the cover, there was a brown stain from a coffee cup.

I wasn't sure why, since there had been no mention in the story of such a file, nor of a coffee stain.

Upon reflection, I realized potential readers seeing the cover, will likely interpret the stain as long, late, tension-filled hours of hard covert work...because what else would a ring of coffee on a folder stamped 'Top Secret' symbolize?

That interpretation is very representative of the story. Strange how one small, well-placed graphic can carry so much meaning. A picture perhaps really is worth a thousand words!

Avalon Graphics did a great job of translating my vision into a reality--replete with the coffee stain.

Stay tuned for the backgroud info on other elements of the OPERATION MAXTRACKER cover.

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