Monday, August 16, 2021

Serendipity: ser·en·dip·i·ty "A fortunate stroke of chance"

The pandemic has been wickedly hard on so many of us. Just when we most needed the support systems we had worked so hard to develop, they were ripped away from us by lockdowns, quarantines, isolation, stay-at-home orders, masks...

Now as we try to emerge from the clutches of Covid, we face not only terrifying variants but all those deep seated fears that have been ground into our consciousness over the past 18 months--fear of others, fear of getting the virus, giving the virus, fear of travel, of laughter. Fear of 'normal'.

Artists, musicians and writers struggle with their own fears as they attempt to do their job of helping the world cope, offering hope, keeping us sane.

Sometimes the only way out, is escaping reality...with a 'cosy mystery'. I'd say it was rather serendipitous that my friend and British writer Pauline Barclay dropped me an email and offered to take me and my friends, family and fans on a journey.

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Pauline Barclay
A huge thank you Eileen for having me back on your wonderful Blog to talk about my latest publication, Serendipity.

Lockdown and restriction have been tough for everyone. Mentally, people are exhausted and for some life will never be the same again. I would be lying if I said I don’t have dark days. I enjoy running, I love photography and writing has always been one of my escapisms. At the end of last year, with lockdown imminent again, I decided to write a novella that would have feel good factor. With the two main characters already developing in my head, I decided to write a cosy mystery. For several months I escaped with these two wonderful characters, Craig Gardner, ex-police detective inspector and nineteen year old Roo Chattaway. The three of us went on a journey to find answers!

Whilst developing their characters it brought back memories of when my husband and I were members of artistic roller-skating club. With these thoughts, I decided young Roo would be an artistic skater thereby adding a new dimension to her personality.

Serendipity is as much about the main characters as it is about them trying to find answers to questions. The little dog on the cover is not only the series logo, but he has a role in the story too. And of course, a cosy mystery wouldn’t be quite the same without a little romance.

Serendipity is a light read with a warm cosy feel that I hope will leave readers with a smile and, hopefully, wanting more.



A Gardner & Chattaway Cosy Mystery

 Book 1

Craig Gardner, Private Investigator and his young Assistant, Roo Chattaway, find themselves searching for answers to other people’s questions, but is everything what it seems?

Why has Mark Cooper not returned home? Is a prominent surgeon having an affair? Could there be a connection between shoes being stolen and the untying of a houseboat? And, how did a body, found by a dog walker, end up in Robinson Glen?

Serendipity, is the first in a new series of cosy, feel good, mystery novellas and is available in Kindle and paperback (from all good book shops).

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