Thursday, February 21, 2013

Science Fiction and SCHRÖDINGER'S CAT

Science Fiction, SciFi, Speculative Fiction, Fantasy...the genre includes an array of adventures from aliens and other worlds, to time travel and steam punk. Robots, artificial intelligence, metamaterials and quantum computers. 

SCHRÖDINGER'S CAT, my SciFi novella puts an ordinary family in a regular-type present-day world. Or, to be more exact, in two every-day worlds—an exploration of the implications of Everett’s Many Worlds Theory, which is a fairly solid theory in quantum physics used to explain the unusual behaviour of quanta, the tiniest known building blocks of which all matter is composed.

It is likely true, physicists say, that everything that can possibly happen, does happen. That with each option, choice, alternative that arises, reality splits. The original and all subsequent threads of reality proceed through time and space. Whether or not we, as humans, can access these other worlds is debatable. However...

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SCHRÖDINGER'S CAT: What the reviewers say--

“ a good episode of The Twilight Zone" 
"Chilling -- a fast and fascinating read!”

"A psychological mystery of the first order..."

“...a mind-bending roller coaster ride”

"Oh, and the zinger of an ending? It will knock your socks off! (Don't say I didn't warn you). "

Eileen Schuh, Author

Schrödinger's Cat

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