Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wanna be a beta reader?

I need some beta readers. What is a beta reader? Someone who’s not a relative or a close real-life friend. Oh, and not a writer. Someone who likes to read.

Beta readers get to read an author’s work before it is published. Many times they read it before anyone else does (aside from the author.) In that case, maybe we should call them alpha readers. However, we don't. Well, according to Wikipedia some of us do.

Beta readers get to tell the author if they like the story or not.

Wanna be my beta reader?

Here’s what’s up for grabs:

The sequel to FATAL ERROR, tentatively entitled PLEASE WAIT FOR ME (or, alternatively FIREWALLS).

You do NOT need to have read the previous books in the series. It won’t affect your enjoyment of the story, promise. My young protagonist, Katrina, was a teen in the first two books and they are marketed for kids her age. In PLEASE WAIT FOR ME she is an adult and the book is written for adults. 

Here’s what you must be willing to do for me:

  • You must promise not to copy the manuscript or let anyone else read it without my permission.
  • You must be able to read the entire book and get back to me by July 31st. This is a fairly long book. Longer than my young adult novels, THE TRAZ and FATAL ERROR,  but close to the word count common in adult novels. (114,000 words).
  • You must like crime fiction, action and adventure, with romance mixed in. (No overt sex/erotica. It’s all about love...mostly.) There is rough language including the ‘f’ word. 
  • You must be willing to read an ecopy which I will email to you. (So you must give me your email address)
  • When you are finished reading the manuscript, in addition to emailing me a short report on your feelings about the story you must be willing to answer a few questions from me (Did you like the ending? What was your favourite part of the story? What was your least fave? Etc.)
  • You must be willing to give me an honest over-all assessment of the novel.

 What you are NOT required to do, but what I won’t mind at all if you do 

  • Proof read
  • Suggest changes to writing, story, plot, characters, etc.

Keep in mind you are reading this novel before it has gone to the editor so there will be typos, grammar errors, etc. You must be able to read the story without those things affecting your opinion of it.

What you get in return:

  • Traditionally, beta readers are not paid. I follow that tradition 
  •  I usually give thanks to my beta readers in the forward of the novel when it is published
  • You get to read what I think is a great story. If you’ve been following my series, you’ll be among the first to know—“What happened next?”

If you, or someone you know, wants to beta read, please email me at

Thank you

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