Sunday, June 16, 2019

Born to believe in magic

We are born to believe in magic...and fairies and dragons. For everything about ourselves and world is fantastical from a child’s eyes.

It’s nothing but magical that tiny seeds should become trees. And water, ice. That rainbows should appear out of grey skies. That blueberries, strawberries and mushrooms should sprout freely from the forest floor to feed us.

That the children we are will become doctors, parents...perhaps even authors as we pluck dream worlds from infinity and set the processes in motion to make them reality.

Woe to all adults who lose touch with their sense of magic.

I invite you to join with me and a group of fellow science fiction and fantasy authors as we celebrate the summer solstice and all things magical. Romp through our social media platforms to find secrets words hidden in the sun graphic that when all collected and deciphered will spell out a quotation from a famous speculative fiction novel.

Solve the quotation and it could win you books...and money—$75.00 in hard U.S. currency, fact.

But better than that, more magical than that, it will introduce you to some great books by some awesome authors.

We ask that you connect with us not only by entering the contest, but if you like our blogs, follow us (there’s a button to the right of this posting that says ‘follow’), so we can continue to talk our magic to you through the words we post. Or, sign up for our newsletters, link to us through our twitter or facebook accounts, find us on Instagram.

Our dream is to share our magic with others and your secret powers can help us do that.

FSF Readers Lounge Presents its first ever Solstice Scavenger Hunt

Running from June 16th to June 29th.

Nineteen authors have joined forces to offer readers a chance at $75.00 USD cash via PayPal and 19 eBooks as a Grand Prize! Thirty-eight secondary prizes (an eBook from one of our participating authors) will be given to randomly chosen participants with the correct answer to the scavenger hunt.

To play for a chance to win you must go to each of the authors sites listed below, collect the "hidden" word(s), unscramble them, and then enter to win! Enter Here

Entering does not obligate you to anything! You have the option to choose who to subscribe to and who to follow - the only requirements are:
1. You must follow the Facebook page for the Readers Lounge in order to get the winners announcement and
2. Use the link above to enter the giveaway, but I hope you choose to follow the wonderful authors participating in this hunt!

$75 Cash via PayPal

eBooks up for prizes:

A Bit of Magic
Curse Breaker: Enchanted
Dragon Blood
Elven Jewel
Forever People
Ian's Realm Saga
Schrodinger's Cat - by Eileen Schuh
Shadow's Hand
Sleepless Flame
The Fox and The Hunter
The Glass Gargoyle
The Hand of Atua
The Shikari
This Cursed Flame
Witch's Moonstone Locket
Wolves' Gambit

Image may contain: night

To the left, is my secret word, part of a quotation from a famous SciFi/fantasy Speculative Fiction novel.

Happy Hunting!

Make sure to visit all the sites listed below to gather your words! 

"Born to believe in magic" has been brought to you by SCHRÖDINGER'S CAT

"I loved it from the first word."

"And the ending I never expected" 

"thoroughly rocked my socks..."

"A book that engaged all senses and emotions" 


L.C. said...

Hi Eileen, do you have a newsletter sign up page?

L.C. said...

Hi Eileen, do you have a newsletter sign-up page?

Eileen Schuh: said...

I don't have a newsletter, Emmaline, but to the right of the comments section there is a button you can click to follow my blog. You will get notified when I post a new blog, which is maybe once a week at most. I'd love you to follow me.