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Finding a father--CRAWDAD by Lisa T. Cresswell

What a great way to start off the New Year--with a chance to win a book, of course!

Author, Lisa T. Cresswell, is introducing us to her gut-wrenching young adult novel, CRAWDAD.  You'll find the Rafflecopter entry form to win a copy of this new release at the bottom of this post.

All the best to you and yours in 2017!

Welcome to the Crawdad Book Blog Tour!

For the whole month of January, my new contemporary young adult novel Crawdad, will be featured on the blogs of some of my besties - authors and book bloggers who support the readers and writers of  diverse YA - and I couldn't be more pleased. I hope you can visit them all and enter the giveaway.  Here's the schedule:

Magic of the Muses - Eileen Schuh January 1
Rich in Variety January 8
Beth Fehlbaum Books January 15
CJ Burright January 22
Twinjas Book Reviews January 29

~About the Book~

Seventeen-year-old Jamil Ramos grew up on Alabama’s Gulf Coast believing his mom, Loretta, was his only living relative. She put a trumpet in his hands as a toddler and sparked his love of jazz. But when Loretta drops a bomb on Jamil from her deathbed- she’s not his mama and his daddy is still alive, living in Charleston, S.C. – his world is turned upside down.

Now, with the only mama he’s ever known gone and the Loyola University trumpet audition less than a week away, Jamil has trouble feeling his music. When his band teacher tells him to get it together, Jamil decides to hitchhike to South Carolina over to find his father and get his questions answered. All he has is a name –Leon Ramos.

Jamil relies on the kindness of the strangers he meets-a gay teen kicked out of his home, a runaway prostitute, and a street musician-as he makes his way across Florida and Georgia trying to avoid the cops along the way. But when Jamil is robbed of his most prized possession, his trumpet, his plans go anywhere but where he’d hoped. That trumpet was supposed to be his ticket for a scholarship, the only way to college his mama could give him. Lost and alone without it, Jamil wonders if finding his father is worth risking his future.

You can find Crawdad in print and e-book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Goodreads!

~About the Author~

Lisa T. Cresswell has been writing middle grade and young adult books for what seems like a mighty long time. She can never seem to make up her mind if she likes reality or fantasy, so she writes both. She also likes lemon jasmine green tea, dark chocolate almonds, and lots and lots of coffee. And of course, BOOKS. ALL THE BOOKS!! You can see all of her work at 

~Enter the Giveaway~

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Finding a father...CRAWDAD has been brought to you by 

 "Then unspeakable tragedy strikes..."

What the reviewers say:
" I was inexorably drawn in to this dark and claustrophobic world of coercion, mysterious antagonisms and deep mistrust..."

Eileen Schuh, Author

Schrӧdinger's Cat

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Donald Trump and I

It's a strange dream.

I have been called into President-elect Donald Trump's office. He is trying to recruit me to work computer security for his administration.

I'm struck by his soft voice and respectful mannerisms, a stark contrast to the media portrayal of him that we'd been bombarded with for a year.

In my dream, I am of course not me, but Katrina Buckhold, the protagonist of my BackTracker series.

I decline his job offer, telling him he can't afford me. I say this to antagonize him because he is of course very proud of how wealthy and powerful he is. As Katrina, though, I am wealthy and powerful as well, having inherited millions from my parents' life insurance and having invested it both wisely, as of late, and in the lucrative cocaine market during my year with The Traz biker gang,

This wealth plus the fact I am the top techie in the world makes me at least on par with Trump in the power department.

"If you don't believe me, google it," I tell him, walking out.

It's not that Trump can't afford me. These days I usually work for free, my payment being the joy I get from doing great things that no one else can do.  I'm just letting him know I can't be bought.

I meet up with President Obama down the hall. I am apparently working for him as a Public Relations person.  I tell him there is no fricken way I'm working for Trump, that I gave up my career in computers for valid reasons and have no desire to return to it. I enjoy my PR job.

Obama gives me a knowing smile and I realize that although I have no inclination to work for Donald or with computers, I will end up doing so, for reasons I can't fathom but ones which Obama seems to know. It strikes me that the President is the one who referred me to Trump.

I'm quite curious as to what is going to happen to change my mind. It will have to be something quite extraordinary.

Then the dogs wake me up.

I hate it when dreams end that way...

Donald Trump and I has been brought to you by:

Book 4 in the BackTracker Series

"I was inexorably drawn into this dark and claustrophobic world of coercion, mysterious antagonisms and deep mistrust." ~Gilli Allan, author of Fly or Fall

Eileen Schuh, Author

Schrӧdinger's Cat

Friday, November 4, 2016

Criminal Minds at Work: Top Secret vs Oversight

Criminal Minds at Work: Top Secret vs Oversight: The police spying on journalists in a democracy? A bit frightening.

Monday, October 31, 2016



October 31, 2016

Cyberspace Teeters on Collapse

-- Fourth novel in thriller series has eerie ring of reality --

    ST. PAUL, AB, October 31, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Unsettling questions about the roles organized crime, governments, and law enforcement covertly play in controlling the internet are raised in Eileen Schuh's new thriller, OPERATION MAXTRACKER.

This fourth book in her ongoing BackTracker series is a fast-flowing follow-up to FIREWALLS, and continues the saga of young Katrina Buckhold's fight against The Traz biker gang.

With uncanny references to actual news headlines, Schuh creates in readers a quiver of anticipation and dread, leaving them to wonder who controls the Web (in both the story and reality) and for what purposes? Also unsettling, is the incredible power wielded in secret by those trying to keep cyberspace and the nation safe.

Well known for her past portrayals of psychological drama, Schuh takes OPERATION MAXTRACKER to a new level as danger, cunning and espionage spill out of the virtual world into real life.

Schuh is also known for her surprising and satisfying endings and OPERATION MAXTRACKER definitely delivers on that count.

About the book

Sergeant Kindle is counting on his top secret Operation MaxTracker team to thwart a surging attempt by criminal gangs to hijack cyberspace and take control of the world.

The tremendous power of the defensive system the team is creating and the potential for its abuse, has computer guru, Katrina Buckhold, on edge. Shrug, Head of Project Security, is supposedly keeping everyone and everything safe, but based on her past experiences with him, she's not confident he's up to that task.

Katrina's toughest battles, though, are not against those threatening cyberspace but against those who are concerned about her ability to raise her children, and Shrug's not helping with that, either.

Then unspeakable tragedy strikes, stripping all friendships to the core and laying bare the stunning truths behind the secrets, fears and mistrust.

Operation MaxTracker Amazon Purchase Link
Operation MaxTracker Smashwords Purchase Link

"I was inexorably drawn into this dark and claustrophobic world of coercion, mysterious antagonisms and deep mistrust." ~Gilli Allan, award-winning author of "Fly or Fall"

The novel includes Book Club discussion questions that explore the social, legal, and ethical issues touched on in the novel.

For those who can't get enough of the BackTracker characters, Schuh advises that Sergeant Kindle's law enforcement team plays a major role in her other recent thriller, SHADOW RIDERS.

In addition to the four novels in her ongoing BackTracker series, The Traz, Fatal Error, Firewalls and Operation MaxTracker (The Traz also comes in a school edition), Eileen Schuh is the author of the adult thriller, Shadow Riders and two adult SciFi novellas (Schrodinger's Cat and Dispassionate Lies).

Born Eileen Fairbrother in Tofield, Alberta, Schuh now lives with her husband in the boreal forest near St. Paul in north eastern Alberta, Canada.

She invites you to visit her online:
Amazon author page

To request an interview email:

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Contact Information:
Eileen Schuh
Kastle Harbour Publishing
St. Paul, Alberta
Voice: 780-645-7890

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What's in a (sports team's) name?

There is a call to drop sports' teams names and/or logos that make reference to aboriginal peoples, such as the Cleveland Indians and the Edmonton Eskimos.

Although many sports team have animal and bird names (Blue Jays,Tigers, Cardinals, Lions), or weather/geography names (Hurricanes and Avalanche), North American aboriginals aren't the only identifiable group of persons whose names have been adapted by sports teams.

We have the Vancouver Canucks (which is slang for Canadians and at one time was considered derogatory), the Montreal Canadiens (whose nickname is the Habs, which is apparently short for the phrase referring the French residents of Quebec, les Habitants).

We have the Dallas Cowboys, the Ottawa Senators, Texas Rangers, Pittsburgh Pirates, San Fransisco Giants, and Oakland Athletes. The Edmonton Oilers.

The Ottawa RedBlacks insist their name has nothing to do with skin colour, but refers to diverse groups of people who have red and black as their official colours, such as other Ottawa teams, the RCMP, Ottawa’s Cameron Highlanders, and the Governor General’s Foot Guards.

And then there are the New York Yankees...

Chill with a Book!: The Final Steps

Check out my latest post on Chill with a Book!: The Final Steps: Top selling author, Eileen Schuh talks about the, heart stopping final steps before publication day. "Writing a novel is labour intensive...

Eileen Schuh,Canadian writer