Wednesday, June 3, 2015

What's in a name?

Where do I come up with my characters' names?

Katrina - THE TRAZ
KATRINA - protagonist of my BackTracker series. When I started writing this series, Hurricane Katrina was ripping apart the southern U.S.A. Young Katrina seemed to stir up trouble wherever she went, so the name just naturally became hers.

SHRUG – the undercover cop who recruited Katrina to the biker gang in The Traz. I was looking for a short name because I had to type it so often. At the time, I was very shy about my writing and every name I came up with belonged to someone I knew, which I found embarrassing. As Shrug was a less-than-stellar constable, I wanted to make doubly sure no cop would think I was writing about a real officer!  I figured no one in the tangible world would be named Shrug. The explanation in the story about how he acquired his nickname is a tad more exciting.

KINDLE – Sergeant Kindle, the wise senior office in the BackTracker series, was named long before eReaders were invented. He’s probably a little shocked that Amazon would name theirs after him! I chose Kindle as, again, I was looking for a name that couldn’t possibly belong to someone in real life. I was at the cabin taking a break from writing, contemplating a campfire and looking for kindling…
Chordelia -

CHORDELIA – also known as “Chorie” in Schrödinger’s Cat. I have no idea where her name came from. I must have channeled it from another universe.

LADESQUE – the female heroine in my latest release, Dispassionate Lies. Again, a made up name. I wouldn’t want any of my friends, family, fans or acquaintances to think I believe them to be asexual, or hypersexual as sometimes seems the case in this near-future novella.


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