Thursday, June 11, 2015

Passion... What do I do when I'm not writing or promoting my writing? Although writing has always been my number one passion, I've learned that being passionately involved in all aspects of life and living is vitally important.

Writing novels is a bumpy profession, full of rejections, poor sales, lost competitions, bad reviews and no reviews, and embarrassing missteps on the social media networks. Pinning one's self-confidence and self-worth solely on succeeding on the world stage in this profession or any other, is dangerous and can be depressing.

When I'm not writing I'm passionately engaged in personal relationships with friends, family and grandkids, partaking in sports like cross country skiing and curling, engaging in community volunteering, and traveling the world.
Travel with friends heightens the senses and deepens the bonds
I also enjoy other creative outlets like crocheting and painting. I garden, fish, hunt, and camp. I care for my pets. 

 My life is full and over-brimming with the good stuff. When the agent rejects, the Pomeranian cuddles. When royalties cease, the skis whistle against the white. When the reviewer doesn't like the ending, the police welcome my help in patrolling the nighttime alleys.

Community volunteering adds depth to one's life

When words won't come, the grandbaby giggles.

What do I do when I'm not writing? I fret, worry, hug, cry and enjoy. I create memories, characters, plots, settings... I learn about heartache, and heartbreak and poverty and politics. I taste the sea and smell the jasmine and do the tree pose on a Caribbean beach. I learn about the dark side...and the tropical sunny side. I connect with others. I live, I laugh, I love.

Eileen Schuh, Author


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