Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Well...imagine that!

The muses have visited me since I was a child and today their magic still surrounds me. Perhaps the grandchildren have inherited my connection to the mystical--or perhaps I'm instilling in them creative wonder.


Although it was -40C/F last night, I went camping with the six-year old. We set up a tent, went fishing and hunting, built a fire and ate the fruits of our labour.

Look at this dandy! Here is the biggest fish we caught. It was a pike.

Here is the smallest fish we caught.

We caught a medium sized fish as well. I shouldn't say 'we'. The six-year old caught them all.

Then we went hunting and brought down this moose--actually the six-year old shot the moose but I helped carve it up and carry the meat back to camp.

This is our tent.

This is where we went fishing.

This is our fire. The fish are sizzling in that frying pan on top.

Off to the right is the pot we cooked our moose in.

Actually, it wasn't the six-year old that I went camping with--it was CHASE, the detective dog from PAW PATROL. He made a fine camping partner, sniffed out the moose, chased away the coyotes, brought down a bear...

Magic of the Muses...from whence inspiration comes.

Eileen Schuh, Author

Schrödinger's Cat

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