Wednesday, January 21, 2015

DISPASSIONATE LIES entered in Crime contest

It might seem a little odd to enter a near-future SciFi in a crime-writing contest, but crime happens in 2035 as readers discover in my latest novella DISPASSIONATE LIES.

From hackers who totally destroy the global internet to the intrigue surrounding the cause of infertility and lack of libido in a generation of women, DISPASSIONATE LIES is full of illicit activities and intrigue. I believe it will hold its own in the 2015 Crime Writers of Canada Author Ellis Awards contest. 

My dispassionate heroine, Ladesque is charged with restoring internet capabilities and lifting the world out of a severe recession brought on by cyber-crime. However, that all takes a back seat when she starts investigating the reason her generation has lost it's sexuality. It may be impossible for her to track down the truth. Not only have hackers compromised all digital data, both government and industry tenaciously use that excuse to thwart her research.

The story becomes even more real when the reader takes in the back pages of the novel where I've posted links to real life headlines about hackers, pharmaceutical pollution, government experiments, espionage, technology-in-waiting and other potential sources of crime.

DISPASSIONATE LIES is a warning about what crime might look like in 2035, or perhaps even next year at the rate we're going.

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“Such amazing writing...” 
"...has drama, intrigue, and asks some really interesting questions."
"It will surprise, titillate and fascinate you"
"...kidnaps the reader and compels them to
"A story of intrigue, love, and lust" 

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