Thursday, June 19, 2014

Tips on creating your Author Fan Page

Make it friendly, inviting, and fun!

I was recently asked how to set up an effective Fan Page on facebook.

If someone you know wrote a book, chances are you'd buy it, right? So make your fb fans feel they know you--a nice friendly author photo, share a bit of your emotional self and personal life.

Balance the friendliness with your goal to promote your work. This is not just a page to chat. People come here to learn about you and your books.

Ensure you have your book/s displayed prominently. There's nothing more frustrating than being invited to like an author's page and going there and not being able to tell what books they've written or anything else much about them.

Forget about your desire for privacy, you are here to advertise. It's a must to include contact info and purchase links.

Attract people to your page with interesting and fun posts, and give-aways (even if it is other author's give-aways, raffles, etc.)

Use hashtags in your posts so that if someone is looking for fb pages about say, SciFi, your page will show in the results if you have used #SciFi.

Use lots of visual stimuli--include photos in your posts.

Post links to relevant news items or blogs about trending topics that are related to your books. I post headlines about gangs and drugs and science, for example. Again, use hashtags.

Arrange to cross-promote with authors of your genre to access each other's fan base.

Once you have your page designed, go to the settings. Since this is your advertising centre, you want to have liberal privacy settings...i.e. you want everyone in the world to be able to see everything you post. You may want to limit the ability of others to post on your page, depending on your preferences for control.

Again, this is your advertising centre, make sure your fans have a ready way to contact you. Include an email address, links to your blog and website, DEFINITELY purchase links for your books. Your twitter id, GoodReads link, etc.

Promote your fan page on your other social networking sites and encourage your fans to promote it for you as well.

Provided you also have a personal fb page, you can visit your author page using your personal id and use the tool that enables you to easily invite all your personal friends to like your page. 

Check out how I did my fan page - a work in progress.

These tips have been brought to you by:

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Eileen Schuh, Author

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