Friday, November 22, 2013

My author tour adventures

My author tour has certainly been an adventure! This past week was my busiest with five presentations in the space of two days and 500 km of travel between.

With only one stop left, a workshop on ePublishing in Cold Lake, 120 km to the north, I feel myself winding down, looking forward to getting back to my writing but already missing the applause and the media attention.

This tour stretched me to the limits, broadened my horizons, taught me new skills and ignited latent ones I didn't know I possessed. The presentations fuelled my passion for my novels and my love of writing. I discovered I could drive hours, down highways I'd never been on, to destinations I'd never heard of...all alone. In the dark. Day after day.

I learned how to use self-serve gas pumps and how to keep the attention of students for an hour. I discovered new stress-management techniques, spoke to children and adults, small audiences and large. I listened.

I autographed many books, smiled for many cameras, met people who'd read my books, convinced many others that they should. In each and every community I was made to feel welcome and important--things treasured by my fragile author ego.

As well as drawing friends from my past and present to my presentations, I spoke to many strangers--revelling in the support of all those who chose to attend.

I received applause, cards, and gifts--each memento a precious keepsake of my Great Alberta Author Tour.

Plamondon School gave me a travel thermos, Lac la Biche a rock etching and a friend from my school days in Tofield handed me hugs and a bookmark.

The Lac la Biche Bold Centre is an amazing multiplex that houses the public library.

Nothing like seeing one's name in lights...well, sort of lights.

Creative, colourful posters greeted me at each library I visited.

Thank you to the Northern Lights Library System for sponsoring and organizing this tour and thank you to the libraries and schools who participated.

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Lizzie Lamb said...

I'd love to see the Northern LIghts. I believe they are visible in Northern Scotland. Very jealous !!

Eileen Schuh: said...

Thanks for visiting, Lizzie, and leaving a comment. I've seen some spectacular aurora displays over the years.I enjoyed them more when I was younger. Now, I just want to stay inside at night where it is warm.