Friday, April 13, 2012

Around the World Book Tour

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In celebration of the new editions of THE TRAZ, I'm virtually travelling around the world to promote this moving story about kids, gangs, drugs, bikers, murder, and cops.

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Please travel with me because you will learn never-before-published insider info about me and THE TRAZ.

Please leave a comment below each guest article because it lets me know you visited and because I will enter the names of all commenters in my draw for a Kindle (or an optional $100 Cdn Amazon Gift Card).

Here's my itinerary--join me for some fun...

Saturday April 14th CRIMINAL MINDS AT WORK on writing Crime Fiction

Saturday April 14th AUSTRALIA ~ Sheryl Gwyther's blog ~
We talk about the Alberta setting of THE TRAZ and the writing of the novel

Saturday, April 14th - Edmonton, AB CANADA ~Cheryl K Tardif's blog~ The Suspense is Killing Me I talk about THE TRAZ Teaching Guide

Saturday, April 14th - Oregon, USA ~Kai Strand's blog~ Strands of Thought
I speak about THE TRAZ and at-risk children

Saturday, April 14th - Ontario, CANADA  ~Catherine Astolpho's blog~ Katy's Words I talk about the cover of THE TRAZ and the role of body language in the novel

Saturday, April 14th - PORTUGAL  ~ Suzy Turner's blog ~ I talk about how I came up the title for THE TRAZ

Sunday April 15th - back to AUSTRALIA  ~ Sheryl Gwyther's blog ~ to talk more about THE TRAZ

Sunday, April 15th - Texas, USA ~Beth Fehlbaum's blog~ I talk about course language in literature

Monday, April 16th - St. Paul, AB Canada right here on  ~ Magic of the Muses ~  I speak about the twists and turns THE TRAZ took on its road to publication

Also, visit these guest spots that are already live:

Moncton, New Brunswick Canada
~ Sarah Butland's blog ~  I speak about the writing of THE TRAZ

New Jersey, USA ~ Chris Redding's blog ~ I talk about kids unwittingly getting in too deep...and no way to escape, like Katrina-- my young protagonist in THE TRAZ

Eileen Schuh, Canadian writer

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