Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"Brain Tales" by author Sarah Butland

“At Ease”

The archaic language...
Or perhaps, the tears.
The short, confusing journeys that take forever.
Surreal. Compelling.
One loses a child and suddenly and thereafter, the world makes no sense.
“Once the tears reached the river the reflection distorted and then reshaped…”

Must re-read this deceptively simple tale...

At Ease—A Sarah Butland Brain Tales story


Sarah, why do you write?

Like many writers say, I write because I have to. My mind, my heart and my soul all continually tell stories and I try to do them justice by writing some down. Some turn out to be muddled useless anecdotes that I keep to myself while others need to be shared with the world. I also write because I love to.

If your time and your energy were a pie, how big a piece would be devoted to your writing?

Eight weeks ago I would have said 98% of the pie would be the piece I wanted to devote to my writing, with a sliver being the actual amount I did. Now, with a new born to look after and love I am actually writing a lot more (while he sleeps and entertains himself for a few hours each day) so I'd now say a reasonable size piece, not to make one feel bloated but just right after a healthy meal. :)

People read for many reasons (entertainment, enlightenment, education, spiritual fulfillment.) Which of humanities needs and/or desires do you see your writing fulfilling?

My writing has been primarily focused toward the entertainment aspect of reading. Very light, quick reads that have my readers wanting to read more while they relax on the beach.

What role does cyberspace play in your writing career? What does your future writing career look like?

With many of my own websites I've been given the opportunity to blog about random things, specific things, meet many fellow authors and aspiring authors as well as learn so much through marketing and writing sites.
I plan to have my writing career take off any day now and, although I plan to go back to my full time job as I love it, writing is what I do best.

Where can people find/purchase your published work? Unpublished works?

Sending You Sammy and Brain Tales Volume One, my two published works thus far, can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Chapters websites as well as local stores in Comox, British Columbia and Moncton, New Brunswick. Unpublished works can be found at

What advice do you have for me and other aspiring novelists?

Keep at it! Of course it's a cliche but this one is the best one out there. Do it for yourself most of all, if you're truly a writer the only audience you really need is you. Any readers who love your work after that make you quiver with delight.

Thank you for the interesting questions and for posting this, Eileen. Very much appreciated.
Sarah Butland

Thank you, Sarah, for sharing with us.
Enjoy that little one! Give him a cuddle and kiss for me....

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Cheryl Tardif said...

Great interview, Eileen. I enjoyed the questions. :-)

Sarah, it's great to "meet" you and learn about your work. That's great advice to others traveling the sometimes lonely path of the writer.

I wish you huge success in the future!

Cheryl Kaye Tardif,