Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Happy Birthday, Katrina!

June 21st, the longest day of the year, the first full day of summer. The summer solstice...and the birthday of the heroine of my BackTracker series, Katrina Buckhold.

Ms Buckhold, AKA Sarina (her street name), AKA Felicity Randal (her new identity under Witness Protection) turns 34 today.

Which reminds me, I must work on the final edits and revisions to Book 1V in that series, Operation MaxTracker. Katrina is 23-years old when that story starts and 26 when it ends.

In the prologue of Book I, THE TRAZ, she is 4-years old and living in Canada's arctic, but for most of the book she is 13 and living in Calgary, Alberta.

Here's a birthday excerpt from THE TRAZ in her honour:

Calgary,  June 14, 1995

The day started not all that badly– a warm June morning.  By seven o’clock, the summer sun was already high in the sky, glinting off the dew that jeweled the peony buds in the garden.  Katrina stood and stared out her bedroom window, analysing the colour variations created by the light and shadows.  She calculated angles of reflection and refraction and factored in the properties of the light spectrum, the way the eyes received colour, the way the brain interpreted it and how her new monitor displayed it.
Colours could be digitized.  Numbers could be digitized.  Someday the human mind would be etched on a silicon chip–or on a subatomic particle.  She thought of electrons and photons, and the intertwining of space, speed, and time.  In one week, she’d be a teenager.
“Is there something you haven’t told me?” her father’s voice interrupted.
“There’s lots I haven’t told you,” Katrina replied quietly.....



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