Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Celebrate 500 & 5000



We have 16 different winners from around the world.

First names and initials are posted on the Rafflecopter widget below. All winners and authors should have now received a notification email from me. 

Thanks to everyone who participated in this event--the authors, the entrants, the tweeters, the bloggers...it was fun.

In celebration of reaching 5000 Twitter followers and 500 facebook likes, I'm running a rafflecopter draw. My generous author friends are joining my celebration and contributing books as prizes!

Here's a summary of the novels up grabs. Leave a comment below this blog post indicating which prize or prizes you'd most like to win and you'll get an extra free entry into the contest!

First off, I am offering two winners a pick of my novels in their choice of eBook or paperback format.

That includes the four books in my BackTracker series which follows the life of young Katrina Buckhold. At age thirteen she falls in with a biker gang, is eventually rescued and testifies against them, and grows up to pursue a career in law enforcement. Her traumatic past haunts her as do those seeking revenge. The BackTracker Series includes: THE TRAZ Book 1, THE TRAZ School Edition, FATAL ERROR Book 2, FIREWALLS Book 3.

If SciFi and women's issues are more your genre, you can pick from SCHRÖDINGER'S CAT or DISPASSIONATE LIES.  SCHRÖDINGER'S CAT explores what it would be like to live in alternate universes--two worlds, two lives, too much for one woman. DISPASSIONATE LIES is a near-future tale about computers, conspiracies, and female sexuality.

STORM CLOUDS GATHERING You have two chances to win an Amazon gift card to purchase a Kindle eBook copy of this novel. Author Pauline Barclay's novel is full of rich characters, strong and broken relationships, hope and grief, love, happiness and despair. Success and failure and always...storm clouds on the horizon. Well worth the read!

KISS & TELL by Luke Murphy. NOW THIS IS A STEAL. It's not often new releases are offered up as prizes so jump at this chance, people! Luke guested here just last week to announce his new thriller.  

THREE, count them, three chances to win Kasper Beaumont's ELVEN JEWEL (Hunters of Reloria trilogy Book 1).  If you like dragons and elves and faeries and have a penchant for a series, this book will excite you!

On a more serious note, reviewers of Beth Fehlbaum's latest gritty teen novel BIG FAT DISASTER call it "Intense, Raw, Real and Incredible". So if you're into some gritty realistic young adult fiction, this is a winner.

SciFi fans, take note: Brian Guthrie's been working hard to bring his three Future World novellas together into one book and is offering that resultant novel RISE as a prize. He's going to also include two appendices that contain letters or interview notes from the characters in that world, some sketch art from his artist, and a short sample of the opening from Fall, Rise's sequel that he's currently working on.

We have ourselves a PAPERBACK! I know many of you love that slip-zip feel of real pages and thanks to Leisl Kaberry, you can have her awesome fantasy TITANIAN CHRONICLES: JOURNEY OF DESTINY in paperback. Due to postage costs, winners will be limited to those living in the USA or Canada.

http://www.amazon.com/Fly-Fall-Gilli-Allan-ebook/dp/B00XXZJ43S/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1438666127&sr=1-3&keywords=fly+or+fallFLY OR FALL by my good friend Gilli Allan is a wonderful contemporary novel. Allan's novels are free-spirited, unformulated and exceptionally well-written. If you like books that read outside set genres and expectations, FLY OR FALL will entertain you immensely. Allan's characters will revisit you long after you've finished the book.

Another great book from my Fantasy SciFi  Network friends is AS THE CROW FLIES: An Epic Fantasy Adventure by Robin Lythgoe. Thieves, wizards, dungeons and great reviews mark this read.

HARD-COPY! Perhaps you'd like to win a hard-copy of A WORK OF ART  by Melody Maysonet "the terrible moment that comes when we have to face the whole truth about the myths of our childhoods." Teen lit at its best. 

You have a lot to choose from with author C. Lee McKenzie . She's offering you the choice of any of her many eBooks. Take a peek at her Amazon author page and browse the selection.

Thank you, Wendy Van Camp, for offering the eBook "The Curate's Brother: A Jane Austen Variation of Persuasion".  This is a short story about the relationship between the two Wentworth brothers. Winner can choose mobi, .epub, or a .pdf format. 

So....which prize tops your wish list? Let us know below and you'll get a free entry into the draw and an extra chance to make that wish come true! 

The entry form is below. Scroll down to where it says to log in to enter this giveaway. Sign in with either your facebook account (just click the facebook icon) or your email address as I do need to know who you are and how to contact you should you win! If you leave a comment below this post, you'll earn an extra entry. If you are a Tweeter and click the tweet icon to promote this giveaway, you'll get an extra entry. Click across the series of little circles to see all the prizes. 

I will be drawing a different winner for each prize so the more often you enter, the better chance you have of getting the book/s you want.

Good luck!


cleemckenzie said...

I entered to test the link from my blog, but hey! I would love to win a book.

The Emperor Lives said...

Any of these books would be awesome to win!

Matt said...

Any prize would be awesome. Congrats on the milestone!

Unknown said...

What a fantastic group of books!

Unknown said...

Any prize would be great! Thanks for this awesome giveaway and congrats on your milestone!

Kasper said...

Great competition, thanks Eileen.

Unknown said...

Thought I would enter for the fun of it but hey... If I was to win a book I'd love to win the first in the backtracker series... they sound good! Good luck everyone!

Unknown said...

I would be happy with any of the soft backs. And Congratulations to you Eileen for reaching this milestone.

Nick Wilford said...

They all sound great but I'm a sucker for parallel universe tales, so Schrodinger's Cat if I had to pick. Great giveaway!

Robin Leigh Morgan said...

Giveaways are one of the two ways I get the books I review since I DON'T accept any requests.

My reviewer ranking on Amazon [US} is currently below 8,000

cleemckenzie said...

I'm featuring your giveaway on The Write Game this week. Just FYI.

Sarah Butland said...

Thanks for the opportunity! I really enjoy Eileen's books and would always welcome new to me authors!

Sarah Butland

Michelle Wallace said...

I'd love the thriller by Luke Murphy!

Anonymous said...

The prize that most interests me is Titanian Chronicles: Journey of destiny "(Volume 1)" by by Leisl Kaberry. The rest of the book prizes seem interesting as well, however. I hope the contest is going well and that you have the numbers of entrants that you were hoping to find.

Unknown said...

Congrats, Eileen! I still haven't read your book Firewalls...would love to find out how Katrina's story continues!

Cinette said...

Congrats! I would love to read your Back Tracker series, it sounds intriguing. Sign me up for the first book in the series!

Kasper said...

Well done to you all.
I will send out the Elven Jewel prizes today.
Happy reading
cheers, Kasper