Friday, September 30, 2011

Time does not stop

Although our autumn has blessed us with a hot mellow sun, long past the time when it usually submits to the cold north wind, it's obvious from the much shorter daylight hours that time has not stood still to grieve.  And neither has life.

As much as I wished it would, sometimes. 

The sun keeps rising and setting and the earth keeps orbiting and the geese gather to fly south--seemingly irrespective of those who have passed from our lives.  Time goes on.  Life goes on.

Earlier this summer I was asked by a fellow author and friend to review the short story she wrote for young teens.  IN MEMORY OF MY DAD by Maranda Russell. (Purchase In Memory of my Dad) It now comes back to me.  Maranda lost her father as a young teen and had a message for youngsters--or all of us for that matter--on how to survive the grieving process. Her story reminds us that we have not only a duty to the deceased, but a duty to life.  To our world.  To those around us.

Maranda is not the only one kind enough to gently prod me back to the land of the living.  "You must blog about Imajin Books' involvement in Alberta Arts Days from September 30 to October 3.  Our ebooks are on for $1 off.  If you could mention that on your blog that would be awesome," my good friend Cheryl Kaye Tardif emailed.  I think she noticed Magic of the Muses was stuck in time--immobile, untouched, not moving. Not living

"I'll personally donate a copy of my book CHILDREN OF THE FOG to the winner of your Kindle contest," she bribed. 

Thank you, Cheryl.  You can read more about Imajin Book's sale here Imajin Book's Alberta Arts Days eBook sale  And I'll soon be posting information on how you can enter my raffle to win that Kindle and Cheryl's scary novel.

Cheryl wasn't the only one to notice my withdrawal from things cyberspace.  "Eileen, where have you been?" tweeted my UK author/friend Pauline Barclay.  "Check my blog for a gift to you."

Thank you, Pauline, for giving me a Friendly Blogger Award.  Pauline has revamped her novel MAGNOLIA HOUSE, even giving it an intriguing new cover.  see my award on Pauline's blog

You may remember Pauline as the UK author of SOMETIMES IT HAPPENS... Pauline Barclay on Amazon  We guested on each others' blogs a while back, promoting our new releases.  This enabled me to reach the European readership with THE TRAZ and Schrödinger's Cat, and Pauline got to introduce herself and work to a Canadian audience.  Pauline's Guest Blog on Magic of the Muses My guest spot on Pauline's blog

My friends, both real-life and virtual, both home and abroad, are absolutely awesome.  A big thanks to all of you for not only supporting and encouraging my writing career, but being there for me as I stumble through life.

With your help, I'll soon be back on track with racing shoes on my feet.

Eileen Schuh, Canadian writer