Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Guest Blog by author Cheryl Kaye Tardif

Thank you to Cheryl for not only offering us the following glimpse of her flirty, romantic, magical side, but also for sharing some of the darker moments in her life--tragedies that have made her the angel that she is. 
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The birth of Cherish D'Angelo, pseudonym of author Cheryl Kaye Tardif

Throughout literary history, pseudonyms or pen names have been used by authors for various reasons. For authors like Nora Roberts, having a pseudonym allows them to explore new territory, maybe a new genre or a series. My idol Stephen King wrote books under the pen name of Richard Bachman because he didn’t want the market saturated with “Stephen King” books. It was also part experiment; he wanted to test whether luck or talent played a part in publishing.

For me, the choice of writing as “Cherish D’Angelo” made sense since one novel I’m writing doesn’t fall into my usual suspense genre. Lancelot’s Lady is a romantic suspense, heavy on the romance. “Cherish D'Angelo” is the pen name I’ve planned on using should I ever branch out into romance. This is a genre I've been drawn to since I was a teen and it was only inevitable that’s I’d write a romance novel.

As “Cheryl Kaye Tardif”, I write suspense set in various locations of Canada, something my fans love. As “Cherish D’Angelo”, I’m free to set my steamy romance novels anywhere and I can boldly go where I haven’t gone before—into my characters’ bedrooms, with the lights on. There’s something titillating about having a “secret identity”, even if it’s not so secret. But I don’t take naming myself lightly.

Most people assume that “Cheryl Kaye Tardif” is my legal name, with Kaye being my middle name. It isn’t. Kaye is my maiden name and the name that I saw first published in print when I was a teenage journalist with a paid reporting job. After I married, I struggled with my writing identity. Cheryl Kaye had always been the writer. I didn’t want to lose her. In a glimpse of absolute brilliance (lol), I combined my last names. My husband’s family always tells me I’m the famous “Tardif” now, and that I made their name famous. I don’t quite think I’m there…yet!

The name "Cherish D'Angelo" comes from two sources. "Cherish", the meaning of which is the same as my own first name "Cheryl", meaning 'beloved' or 'dear one', and "D'Angelo", meaning 'of the angel'. After the death of my first baby, I started collecting angels. In 2006, my baby brother Jason (28) was murdered in Edmonton and sent to the angels. Thus, "D'Angelo" seems to be a perfect choice for a surname that honors them both.

Combined, my pseudonym means: "Cherished one of the angel" but I like to say it means: "Cherish the angels". There is something flirty, romantic, magical―and so 'me'―about this name.

©2009 Cheryl Kaye Tardif

~Cheryl Kaye Tardif,
aka Cherish D’Angelo
Eileen Schuh, Author

Schrödinger's Cat


Pat Bertram said...

Hi, Eileen. Great name for a blog! Hi, Cheryl. Oh, and Hi, Cherish. Mustn't forget to say hello to you. I hope you enjoy much success. It will be interesting to find out which of you get ultra-famous first Cheryl or Cherish.

I thought a lot about using a pseudonym, something hard like Cole Black that would immediately proclaim: here is an author with an edge. But there would be problems with a pseudonym: cashing royalty checks; explaining to a publisher that I’m not hiding anything by using a fake name; being invited to the White House as Cole Black and only having identification for Pat Bertram. Ouch.

Not real issues, since except for the last they are easily resolved, but in the end I didn’t find anything easier to remember or more distinctive than the shortened version of my own name.

However, if I ever decide to write romance, I will choose a pseudonym. Maybe Cole Black? Nah.

writerchick said...

Cheryl/Cherish great blog. Love the name you chose

Unknown said...

Oh, I always enjoy your blog posts, Cheryl! And Eileen, I'm enjoying reading yours as well! What talented women this world has!

Unknown said...

Cherish D'angelo what a great name.I love it. Lawrence is reading your books and he never reads. He's realy enjoying them. Maybe you will make a reader out of him

Gary Val Tenuta said...

Cherish, eh? Hmmm... Methinks Craig Ferguson would probably be enticed by that name. It's got a bit o' that sexy/flirty vibe going for it. hee hee

Pauline Holyoak said...

Hi Eileen. Love your website and blog.Cheryl, that name is soooo...romantic and a tad raunchy - if you don't mind me saying. Like mine, your pseudonym is one more little piece of something, to help fill that void in your heart.

Cheryl Tardif said...

Hello everyone! So great to see you all here at Eileen's new blog. I've learned that this lady has one heck of a sense of humour, so watch out. ;-) And she very graciously allowed me to visit. Thanks, Eileen!

Pat, I agree there can be complications with a pen name, but usually the publisher knows your real name and your cheques can be sent with real name on them. My biggest concern will be when I go to sign books. I can see it now...Chery--I mean do you change a y to look like an i? :-) Cole Black sounds like a hard-edged thriller writer name. Or a lead man IN a romance novel...hmmmm...hehe

Writerchick, thank you. I quite love the name I chose too. Although sometimes I think it chose me. :-)

Kelly, my good friend, thanks for dropping by. I knew you'd enjoy Eileen's blog. Oh, and I saw your pics. Love them!!! You look lovely! :-)

Wanda, what did you bribe Lawrence with so he'd read my books? hehe I am very glad. I always love converting someone into a reader. My guess is he'll like The River the best. Most men do. :-) Take care and thanks for dropping by.

Gary, you naughty monkey! I think you're right. Since my last "I wanna be on the Craig Ferguson Show" didn't work, maybe I'll have to start a new campaign: Romance author Cherish D'Angelo wants to be a naughty monkey on the Craig Ferguson Show." I know!!! ;-)

And Pauline...thanks for dropping by! Raunchy and romantic is good. hehe And yes, it gives me a warm feeling to know where the name came from. I think you using 'Emily Ross' to honour your grandmother is also a wonderful thing. :-) I'm sure she'd be proud.

Thank you all, and thanks again, Eileen. I enjoyed being a guest on your site and I look forward to reading more of your blog posts.

Cheryl Kaye Tardif
aka Cherish D'Angelo

Eileen Schuh: said...

Isn't this a wonderful post from Cheryl/Cherish? It certainly deserves all the comments!

Thanks for all the compliments directed my way. You make me blush!

As well, a big thank you for visiting my blog. I invite you all to return often to bask in the 'Magic of the Muses'.

Eileen Schuh