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Celebrating the release of a novel is an exciting time for an author. It's the moment that one can finally share with the world the characters and drama that one has created. It marks the culmination of much work and many hopes.
DISPASSIONATE LIES is a near future tale, that starts in 2035. Ladesque's world is not all that different from ours, except the internet has crashed beneath the weight of hackers and schemers, taking with it the global economy and halting technological progress. Politics and justice are in disarray as nations struggle to deal with the fall out.

That probably all sounds familiar because much of the inspiration for the novel came from news headlines; stories about our global financial uncertainties, the fragile state of the web, the leaking and compromising of digital data, hormones in our environment, the rising infertility rate in humans...

I took a look at the big picture, tied it all together and tried predicting where it is leading us.

Good stories, though, must deliver more than facts and fancy and technical headlines. I wasn't beyond spicing up Ladesque's troubled world with some hot romance.
The car door slammed.“Ladesque?” Paul’s voice rang out.  She turned. He was standing in the soft shadows of the summer evening, airbrushed by the faint orange of the flickering street light. He was chiselled and symmetric and positively gorgeous.
Then there was the code that concealed the truth about her past:
The softness of the sofa that had initially cradled her comfortably was now, six hours later, playing havoc with her spine. She slowly set her feet on the floor and dropped the diary onto the coffee table.

The entries started with Ladesque’s birth and ended just weeks before her mother’s death—at least that’s what Ladesque figured. Halfway through the book, shortly after the note about taking her adolescent daughter for hormone testing, the script changed from English to strange nicks, squiggles, lines, and dots.
And of course, the top secret project:
  "This project is imperative and time-sensitive and your refusal to commit is serious," Paul shouted. "Ladesque, you SAW it. You touched it. You’ve been apprised of the next step in the project. Now is not a safe time for you to back away from it."

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