Monday, September 10, 2012

Tweeting THE TRAZ for free

 I have a very special guest blogger today, Katrina Buckhold. Perhaps that name rings a bell? 
Katrina as she appears on the cover of THE TRAZ

 Katrina is the young protagonist in THE TRAZ. Although she is immature and abrasive and isn't perhaps all that reliable, I did agree to let her open her own Twitter account (

Although I had to do a lot censoring and censuring for the first while, she seems to be growing up somewhat. 


3 days only
Monday, 10th September 2012
Wednesday 12th September 2012 inclusive

In celebration of this week's special promo, she's pulled together some of her fave quotes from THE TRAZ and here they are in 140 characters or less: 
Perhaps he had some use for her genius.The thought that he wanted her for something when no one else did...> #Free THE TRAZ

THE TRAZ She tucked one of her dad's shirts around her face so she could catch the scent of what once was. FREE today

#FREE today: She was cold when she got home, despite the heat of the August sun. She listened to the silence calling to her. THE TRAZ

"Please?" She tilted her head and searched his face, as she knew he liked her to do.>THE TRAZ Free today 

The cool moonlight was sparking off eyes that, in the sun, shone blue and bright. She stood on her toes and... Free today >THE TRAZ

The day started not all that badly—a warm June morning. By seven o'clock the summer sun was already high... THE TRAZ Free 

She thought of electrons & photons, the intertwining of space, speed & time. In 2 weeks she'd be a teenager > THE TRAZ Free today!

 Colours & numbers could be digitized. Someday the human mind would be etched on a silicon chip >THE TRAZ Free

Katrina felt faint and distant and dizzy. Words swirled about her. Someone said, "Dead. Everybody dead. Dead." THE TRAZ  Free

"You're 13, running around 'til the wee hours of the morning & coming home drunk. I won't put up with it." THE TRAZ  Free

Katrina slipped from her chair and grabbed his arm. "Grandpa! Grandpa! Are you sleeping or are you dying?" THE TRAZ  Free

The parts of her that were cold began stirring, moving, pulsating, synchronizing with the beat of the pistons  >THE TRAZ  Free

THE TRAZ  "How far do you want to ride?" Shrug's voice broke into her reverie. "Forever," Katrina answered.  Free

THE TRAZ "...The man dropped to the ground. His eyes slid closed. The remnants of a smile still twisted his lips..." FREE today

Eileen Schuh, Canadian writer

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