Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Entranced by the FIREWALLS characters

Amy Chris' review of FIREWALLS just went up on Amazon and on the Weet Weets Bookshelf site. It was a different review than the usual, with the reader relating her feelings towards each of the main characters. This got me thinking...
The characters are what people--from my editor, to my proofreader, to my beta readers and reviewers--most often mention about this book. They've all said that the FIREWALL characters haunted them long after the story was over.

Readers' opinions of my characters are often right on with I how I see them but sometimes I'm taken by surprise. Perhaps I shouldn't be, though, because just like in real life, people's views of others differ greatly. My best friend could be someone else's nemesis and the burly biker is undoubtedly some mama's baby.

I'm not sure what it is about my writing that resulted in such strong characters in FIREWALLS , or what I did differently than I did in THE TRAZ and FATAL ERROR (the first two book in the BackTracker series). 

It's not that people haven't commented in the past about my characters. However, this time it seems the characters have my readers mesmerized. Never mind the crimes they solve, the illegalities they commit, the undercover operations they pull off. Never mind the danger, the threats, the deaths, the exquisite police work and exceptionally clever investigation techniques. Never mind credibility and age differences and rough language. Never mind the plot--it's the characters, apparently, who are the story.

This doesn't dismay me. I'm very happy to have successfully brought Katrina, Chad, Shrug, Kevin, Debra and Sgt. Kindle to life for others to get to know. They have been a powerful influence over me for several years now and got me through some real rough times. It's a privilege to be able to repay them by giving them a chance to share their stories, their tears and fears, strengths, failures and inner-most hopes.

"Firewall was a very interesting story."

" This is definitely an exciting action packed book."

"...left me wanting more."

"Chad is a sweetheart but a pain in the..."

"Shrug drove me nuts...But I admit I loved how he talked..."

"Kevin, I actually kinda liked..."

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