Monday, February 10, 2014

Lonely, eerie echoes...The setting for my BackTracker Series
THE TRAZ and FATAL ERROR  are set in my home province of Alberta, Canada. This is where the characters dictated to me that their adventures were to happen and who was I to argue?

I’m not sure why they chose the vast Alberta prairie to pit cops vs bikers and sully the sensitivities of a 13-year old girl. As the characters originally intended their stories to be therapy for me, perhaps they thought setting them in such a familiar locale would make their messages more timely and relevant.

Or perhaps, they understood that the familiar scenes would be intensified by my knowledge of the scents and sounds permeating them. When Shrug alit from his bike, torn apart inside and seeking wisdom from beyond the far horizon, I'd know the exact slant of the September sun on the harvested wheat field over which he gazed. 

I would know how to tell the readers what it was like for Katrina on the park bench that autumn when she suddenly realized that her secrets were not safe--the red berry bushes along the banks of the North Saskatchewan river, the chuckle of migrating geese. The musty smell of poplar leaves beneath her feet. 

I know the setting in my novels intimately. The slow March melt, when Katrina hit puberty. The warm, noisy fury of a December Chinook when she almost, almost got rescued from the gang. I know the edible mushrooms Katrina might gather...and the poisonous ones. I know where she might hide and where bikers might ride. 

I’m a farm girl--I know the lonely eerie echoes that haunt metal sheds on the vast Alberta prairie.

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