Monday, February 24, 2014

Get hooked on a series for $0.99!

Releasing a book is a very exciting time for a novelist, and nothing makes that experience sweeter than when the new  book is a sequel in an on-going series. So I’m finding with FIREWALLS, the third novel in my BackTracker series.
FIREWALLS: only $1.99 during this promo
Not only is the launch of FIREWALLS a culmination of years of hard work in its own right, but it breathes vigor and life into the stories that came before it. The characters’ past traumas in THE TRAZ and FATAL ERROR  that by necessity stopped short of having a full impact on their lives, come back into play with an intensity not foreseen. Problems once resolved, resurface as the BackTracker characters  grow in understanding. The years slowly turn knowledge into wisdom for some and fearlessness into caution. And for others, pain morphs into rage.

The characters that my fans and I love, come back to us, full of promise. Like Katrina—now on the cusp of adulthood. Intelligent and powerful and with the means to right her wrongs—or avenge someone else’s evil. Which will it be? Some, like Shrug, have secret pasts driving their behaviour, secrets we hope to uncover with the new novel. Some characters are gone. Dead. Other’s perhaps soon to face their mortality.

And then...there’s love. 

Yes, the wonderful thing about a series that marches its characters through time, is that it caters to our ability to connect deeply with the story because, after all, life doesn’t just end as novels do—all wrapped up and over. It goes on. We know that.

We’ve been there. Grown through the trials of childhood, lived through traumas, wallowed in sorrows and celebrated successes. Grown older, braver, stronger and sometimes more gentle. We long for our characters to have the same opportunities we had to get over things, get past things, nurture dreams and make dreams come true. In fact, we want our characters to be even more successful at living than we have been—so that we can learn something from them. So they can guide us to overcome our pasts and seize our futures.

That’s what FIREWALLS does for us. And when we’re finished reading it, we not only want to know what happened next, but we ponder all that came before. Everything that happened in THE TRAZ and FATAL ERROR becomes important to us once more.
In celebration of the launch of FIREWALLS, we have put THE TRAZ and THE TRAZ School Edition eBooks on for a special price, for a few days only, on Amazon. 

Come on! Give it a go--get hooked on a series for only 99₵  £0.64! 

Although the special pricing is only available from Amazon, all my novels are available in paperback and multiple eBook formats from all fine online bookstores. If you can’t find them on the shelves of your local bookstore or library, you can ask to have them ordered in for you.

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