Friday, October 19, 2012

A wonderful gift I received today

 I received a copy of YOUR SUPERPOWERS Dream It, Achieve It in the mail to review. What a wonderful gift...not only to me, but to all Steve Gardner's readers.

The book is directed to young teens, but it's empowering message is one we'd all do well to listen to and understand. I don't think many in my generation consider themselves magnetic and super-powered with a direct connection to the wisdom and guidance of the universe. But we should.

Aside from the wonderful message, I just love the fact the book has pages throughout, designed for readers to write list their goals, their grievances, their life dreams. I love writing in books and believe most young teens do, too.

Although I found the message quite relevant to my own life, I can understand how powerful it must be to the younger set. Entering adolescence is a difficult time for many. Not only do thirteen-year olds have to deal with hormonal surges, body changes, the experience of new emotions, the exposure to strange and tempting dangers, they also have to leave behind many of the comforts of childhood, not the least of which is the belief in magic. So that is just the right age to point out the magical, mystical, powerful nature of the human mind and human spirit--a superpower that's accessible to us all.

I highly recommend YOUR SUPERPOWERS Dream It, Achieve It to all who are unhappy with the way their life is going, who may be wishing things were different, or those struggling with relationships.

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Eileen Schuh, Canadian writer


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