Thursday, May 29, 2014



"The world was depending on her; she had promises to keep..." begins my new release DISPASSIONATE LIES, a near future tale that includes espionage, conspiracies, two possible murders, the collapse of both the internet and the global economy and a feisty woman named Ladesque--charged with putting things together again.

She is brilliant and morally astute and is a member of a generation of females born sterile and without libido--except something is about to change all that.

Nano technology, metamaterials and quantum computers--huge leaps in technology that all prove useless in her search for the truth about her past--because criminals compromised all digital data prior to The Great Crash.

A fun frolic into a frightful, fanciful future--that leaves one wondering just how real it all may one day become.  


  This teaser has been brought to you by:"quantum physics (incorporated) into a story about personal loss, infidelity & mental breakdown"

“like a good episode of The Twilight Zone" 
"Chilling -- a fast and fascinating read!”
"A psychological mystery of the first order..."

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