Monday, October 3, 2016

Real headlines about biker gangs

Calgary boy, 5, watches as mother, her boyfriend fatally shot in car

Shooting in northeast residential garage believed to be gang related

Ah, yes. It is not easy to leave the gang lifestyle--alive, as Insp. Don Coleman of the Calgary Police Service Major Crimes Section points out in the article.

And once involved with a gang, it's also not easy keeping one's children safe. That's what my young protagonist in the BackTracker Series, Katrina Buckhold, finds out in the soon-to-be-released OPERATION MAXTRACKER, Book 4 in the series.

When I wrote FATAL ERROR, I hadn't intended on writing a series, but then along came the prequel THE TRAZ and the story kept going and going. Much like in real life, I guess, when it comes to gangs. For decades, law enforcement has been trying to dismantle the biker gangs and they just aren't disappearing as this news story reveals: Hells Angels recovering, growing stronger in Quebec, crime experts say
More in this news item: Former undercover agent says biker gang affilates share same values “The initial attraction is the romanticism of that culture. You want to be the rebel, the modern-day cowboy. It’s the sexiness, the glamour of it,” he said during a telephone interview from his hometown in Arizona. “But when you become involved in the Hells Angels, you quickly realize that it’s international organized crime and the stakes are so high. The reality is it’s a nasty, dirty, grimy, blood world.”

So, yes, there is also a future Book 5 in the BackTracker Series, and a Book 6 and 7 because once one gets involved with a gang, there's no turning back...safely.

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