Monday, October 5, 2015

Let's CHILL! with Pauline Barclay

I've met some amazing authors through social media! These are people who not only write great books, but spend countless hours helping other authors.

These authors are passionate about their craft and come from around the world to lend encouraging words, to cross-promote, to share their knowledge, and even spend their money to create online networks and platforms for not only their work, but for the work of others. They ask for very little in return.

Let me tell you about one such author, Canary Island resident, Pauline Barclay, the creator and administrator of the Chill with a Book! website.  Better yet, I'll let Pauline tell you about herself, her blog and her novels.

Welcome to Magic of the Muses, Pauline!
Pauline Barclay, author

Briefly describe Chill with a Book! and what makes it unique.

Chill with a Book! is a dynamic site for authors and readers. It is designed for authors to showcase their books and for readers to find amazing reads.

What does Chill with a Book! offer book lovers?
Chill with a Book

Chill with a Book! means book lovers, with just one click, can find great reads from all genres: Family sagas, murder, mystery, YA, historical, thrillers, romance, comedy and much more! And you know, not only are these reads filled with gripping stories, they are filled with tension, suspense, emotion and passion. Readers will feel the thrill of the ride, gasp in horror, shed tears of sadness and laugh with joy. And when they reach the end they will still want to keep turning the pages long after their read has ended, and then choose another great read from Chill with a Book!

Has Chill with a Book! evolved as you initially envisioned? Where do you dream it will be in five years?

It is going really well and at the end of the day, I want Chill with a Book! to be the site for all authors and the number one site for readers to find some of the best reads published out there.

How can authors become a partner in Chill with a Book!’s success?

They are welcome to contact me so that their book(s) can be showcased on the site. They must also want to participate with promoting so that their book(s) are visible to every visitor to the site. For authors it is another platform for them to stand up and be seen.

Behind every great organization there is a driving force. You, Pauline Barclay, are the name and face behind Chill with a Book!. Tell us about what motivated you to create this site.

Passion is my motivation and that passion is to help authors connect with readers whilst giving them another platform to talk about their books.

In addition to running Chill with a Book!, you are an author. Of which personal accomplishment in your literary career (book or otherwise), are you most proud? (Aside from the creation of your author group.)

I am incredibly proud that I have five published novels out there and even more honoured that people take time out to buy and read them.

Please offer authors and aspiring authors some sage advice.

Enjoy your writing. Make every word count. Don’t let others put you off. Go for it and wherever it leads, enjoy the journey.

I know you’re itching to mention something I’ve neglected to ask about. Tell us what that is.

As well as running Chill with a Book! I am working on my sixth novel. It has a working title; A Sense of Shame, it is a dark and emotional story.

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"I would highly recommend you pick up and lose yourself in. Loved it." 

"...the excellent way the story is written really pulls you in emotionally"

"The only thing wrong with Pauline Barclay's novels is that they end."



Pauline Barclay said...

Hello Eileen a huge thank you for inviting me to your amazing Blog.

Unknown said...

Great blog today. Thanks for sharing Chili with A Book.

Eileen Schuh: said...

You're welcome, Pauline. Thank you for all the promotional help you've given me over the years. Thanks Kristina for dropping by and offering a comment.