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Leeland Artra: Pitching Flinch-free Fantasy

Promoting 'clean' Speculative Fiction


Leeland Artra is dedicated to the Fantasy SciFi genre, and not just through his writing. He selflessly promotes almost one hundred authors and their books on the Fantasy SciFi Network that he founded.

I am counted among that number with my novels SCHRÖDINGER'S CAT and DISPASSIONATE LIES.

What makes a man decide to take on such a massive project? Let's ask him.
Leeland Artra, author
Welcome to Magic of the Muses, Leeland.

Briefly describe Fantasy SciFi Network and what makes it unique. 
The Fantasy and Science-Fiction Network is unique in that we hold our authors to one very specific requirement. That requirement is that every article, blog post, Tweet, Facebook post, and published works under the pen named used to join the FSFNet does not exceed a PG13 rating.

We have over ninety authors with one to dozens of published works in the genres of fantasy, science-fiction and all the subclasses therein. And they all maintain the FSFNet brand. We allow members to promote other works which might exceed the PG13 rating but we have a two click rule. That means that posts or links cannot go directly to a risky item. There has to be a layer of separation that clearly shows were the next step leads. 

What does the Fantasy SciFi Network offer readers? 
We are working to produce unique articles on our genres. Behind the scenes we support and help our member authors. But, for the front of house operations we are all about enjoying the genres. We are working to find some steady reviewers who will read, review, and rate books for us as we build up a flinch-free library of selections for anyone to come and browse through.

Has Fantasy SciFi Network evolved as you initially envisioned? Where do you dream it will be in five years?
It is evolving, there is more back of house support happening for the member authors, and we are considering limiting membership only to authors who have published works in our genres. Naturally we'd like to see the reader base expand and it has been a challenge to get the word out without have to post pictures of scantly clad models or constant references to questionable subjects.

How can authors become a partner in Fantasy SciFi Network’s success?
Any author who write in our genres and who doesn't use a lot of swearing, sex, or other items listed on our about page can join, it's semi-free. There are membership requirements but those are mostly fun items we all do anyway.

Behind every great organization there is a driving force. You, Leeland Atra, are one of those behind Fantasy SciFi Network. Tell us about what motivated you to create Fantasy SciFi Network.
When I started publishing my books I went looking for someplace to call home. I wanted to promote other authors like myself. Every place I found where authors help each other were usually open to all genres and therefore overrun with romance, thriller, horror, and other genre writers who's audience were not interested in a flinch free fantasy novel, and my readers didn't like that I occasionally recommended romance authors.

The few science fiction places I found had some great people, but were flooded with near and actual porn stuff. So I didn't feel good about re-posting any of that material. Not being able to find the authors I was looking for, or a place to connect with readers in my branding, I decided to make it.

In addition to running Fantasy SciFi Network, you are an author. Aside from the creation of your author group, of which personal accomplishment in your literary career  are you most proud?
I'm really proud of my Golden Threads Trilogy. The level of detail and years of work they took are both more than expected. At times I thought about just tossing it in as a good try. But, I powered through and am very pleased with the results. Right now I am super stoked by the Endless Horizons Sagas I'm writing in the pulp serial tradition. The latest works in progress are a direct result of all the work I put into the Golden Threads Trilogy.

What personal literary achievement/s are you striving to reach within the next five years?
I've set a goal of producing an episode (aka a novella) a week for the Endless Horizons Sagas (EHS). 

EHS is broken down into seasons of fifteen episodes. The fifteen episodes pull together to make a complete novel (aka there is a bigger story when you put them end to end that emerges). I've gotten the first season done on schedule and I am working on the second season now. The plan is to produce five full seasons for EHS and then take that style and start putting out a follow up series to Golden Threads.

Please offer authors and aspiring authors some sage advice.
The best thing I can recommend is write what you love, and to have the discipline to be sure you have a complete set done and ready to publish before you publish the first one. Consistent release schedules for sets is critical. So if it is a trilogy, make sure you have it all done and then release each book ninety days apart. If it is an ongoing series release in waves, again with a ninety day period between books. Or if your writing pulps or shorts, get at least a few months leads done before you actually publish the first one. Release cadence means a lot to readers, sales, and your sanity.

I know you’re itching to mention something I’ve neglected to ask about. Tell us what that is.
Podcast of audio book for Endless Horizons Sagas has just launched. Along with the weekly EPUB release I'll be simultaneously releasing the audio book for that season via the podcast channel. There will be premium content for my patrons. You can watch my Patreon page for details 

Finally, I'm trying to kick off a different kind of podcast called Epic Geeking Out with Authors. It is about digging into one of their novels (within FSFNet standards) and discussing the hidden details. Spoilers are a given. Check this out at

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