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Top Five Reasons to Buy THE TRAZ

Top Five Reasons to Buy THE TRAZ

- 1 -

Young teens are enthralled with Katrina, who is not only beautiful, clever and wealthy but also able to explore the exciting adult world free from parental supervision. Not only that, THE TRAZ is Book 1 in the BackTracker series and we all know how teens love series! 

 - 2 - Caught up in the excitement of the story, readers may very well miss the social messages. No worries, though. THE TRAZ also comes in a School Edition complete with an international resource list for those wanting help with or more information on the social issues touched on in the novel—such as grief, depression, gangs, swearing, illicit drugs and addictions. 

- 3 -

To survive on the street and in the gang, Katrina must become an expert on body language—be able to tell if someone is lying, is afraid or has ulterior motives. She also must become an expert at concealing her own emotions. THE TRAZ (cleverly disguised as a thriller) is actually a handbook for learning that all-important adult task of mastering body language. 

- 4 -
 The Discussion Guide in the back of the School Edition of THE TRAZ provides a great opportunity for those working with at-risk children to initiate discussion on common teen problems. These same children appreciate reading a story about someone their age who talks like them, is in trouble like them yet successfully meets the many challenges she faces. 

- 5 -
 Gangs such as The Traz biker gang, are not relegated to poor neighbourhoods or immigrant and aboriginal communities. They are powerful, international criminal networks with footholds in the big cities, small towns and rural areas alike. Gangs are known to recruit youngsters to their ranks just as THE TRAZ recruited Katrina. All teens by virtue of their age are ‘at-risk’. Nefarious adults are quick to take advantage of a teen’s need to belong, low self-esteem, depression, naivety, increasing independence, burgeoning sexuality and hormonal and emotional changes. THE TRAZ can be an eye-opener about the dangers of gangs to both teens and the adults in their lives.

THE TRAZ Book I in the BackTracker series: Give yourself or a child you know a thrilling gift this holiday season!
Eileen Schuh, Author

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