Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Why I like x-country skiing...

"Why I like xcountry skiing" is brought to you by


http://bookshow.me/B00KOG45J2 A winter scene excerpted from this thriller:
She kicked off the covers and hit the remote control by the pillow. The blinds slowly lifted. Wave after white wave of snow, sculpted overnight by the wind, fluted the street and the prairie beyond. The distant mountains were bathed in bright sunlight—crystalline peaks against a cerulean sky.

The snow would likely be gone by tomorrow; a Colorado winter was silent snow sweeping in from the Rockies one day then disappearing beneath a Chinook the next. 
Ladesque set her feet on the floor. What was it she wanted to do? Visit the Rockies? Get into the tenth floor vault? Go through some more of her mother’s stuff? Perhaps a note that explained the coded entries in the diary...

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