Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Unentitled....crowd sourcing

I'm at the point that like it or not, I have to select a title for my upcoming novel. Advance Reading Copies (ARCs) of the manuscript are out at the reviewers and beta readers. Editors and formaters are being lined up and...I want to start the cover design--not possible without a title!

I ask you to help me. "Crowd Sourcing", they call it--sending out an online shout for help, ideas, or feedback. You all did such a fine job last time with DISPASSIONATE LIES (which is still being edited, by the way. Nothing moves quickly in the publishing industry).

This time, I will give you more information about the story to help you with your selection. As you read through my three options, if something better comes to mind, please offer up your suggestion. Post your votes and idea either in the comments section below this blog or on my facebook author page

Here are the options so far:

FIREWALLS: the original working title of the manuscript chosen because of its meaning in computerese. Katrina works with computer security, both establishing secure networks and beaking into unsecure ones. FIREWALLS is a dynamic word, suggesting both heat and resistance. FIREWALLS is also symbolic of the walls Katrina erects between herself and those around her as she struggles with both immaturity and post traumatic stress disorder.

PLEASE WAIT FOR ME: a title that addresses the romantic core of the novel, her plea for Chad to give her the time she needs to heal and mature. She’s loved him since she was thirteen but so much has happened since he rescued her as a wayward teen from the clutches of a biker gang. Corporal Chad Leslie is now her superior officer, fifteen years her senior...and married. Even if things were to change, Constable Katrina Buckhold just may be hurting way too much to accept his love.

NAMELESS TERRORS: Katrina’s obsession with her traumatic past destroys her career, impairs her relationships, and endangers her life. The nightmares that haunt her consist of elusive images and sounds that she refers to as “nameless terrors”. With persistence, counselling and friends, she comes to name her fears and the healing (and loving) begins.

So, what do you think? Here are the covers for the first two novels in the series. What title ought to be on the third? 

THE TRAZ 1st edition paperback
The Traz School Edition


Unknown said...

How about just "Firewall" without the s? The plural form does sound right; the singular far stronger.

Eileen Schuh: said...

I think you might be right, Kit. I'll have to think about it though, as FIREWALLS has been in my head for such a long, long time all else sounds weird.

Suzy, The Grey Brunette said...

I like Firewalls - it has more of a modern sound than the others, if you know what I mean. And it goes well with your other books.
I think Please Wait For Me sounds a bit more Mills & Boon romance! And Nameless Terrors sounds a bit horror-like!

Unknown said...

I agree with Kit. I like Firewall without the s. It, to me, symbolized a wall around Katrina that is impenetrable.

Cheryl Tardif said...

Here's my 2 cents


For the cover, I recommend you have the same code background in red. IT'll really brand this as a series. Do it with a red wash, use red for the outline of the patch, use the same fonts for title and your name, and then find some graphics that evoke mood or emotions. :-)

Cheryl Kaye Tardif
International bestselling author of SUBMERGED

Eileen Schuh: said...

Thank you all for your great suggestions.

Cheryl, I was thinking of doing a pink wash to highlight the romance but that went over like a lead balloon when I suggested it to a gathering at the library! ha ha. Folks just didn't seem to like the Barbie/Mary Kaye connotation.

Red would be dynamic and go with the word FIREWALLS. Throw in some roaring flames and we could have hot, hot, hot! A sizzling summer romance...or not.