Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The life of an author...

I don’t think there much commonality between the everyday lives of authors, not any more so than the lives of doctors or lawyers. Except for the fact that we wear pyjamas a lot and are usually awake and working after midnight and spend a lot of time worrying about our mental health, and such.
But here’s how my day has panned out so far. You can see if it compares at all to yours.

I spend several hours creating and scheduling promotional tweets for the busy upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales that the Americans love. Since I have four books to promote and two twitter accounts to fill, that took a long time. I saved all the tweets I created because I intend to reuse them for next year’s post-U.S. Thanksgiving sales-arama.

I spent a few minutes re-watching my first-ever appearance on YouTube MY THANKSGIVING and responding to comments about the video clip. My friends and fans were generally complimentary about my rudimentary acting skills. My family? Not so much. I keep checking the YouTube “views” counter. At 92 views by mid-morning, I’ve come to concede that it’s not likely to go viral.
Every hour or so I check my Amazon sales ranking on all four books and check for new reviews. Today, my sales rankings are all slightly better than yesterday and there are no new reviews. Maybe this afternoon.
It’s past noon and I’m still in my pj’s for two legitimate reasons. The first being I’m not feeling well and the second being I keep longingly looking out the window at the freshly fallen snow thinking I want to go for a cross-country ski before I shower and get dressed.
I have open on my computer, the press release I’m working on. My daughter is on the other end of my cyberline using her PR expertise to help me—between diaper changes, feedings, naps, and scoldings.  I want to announce to the local media the release of FATAL ERROR, my upcoming author presentation at the library, and my scheduled presentation at the Alternate Education Centre.
Also open is my middle grade novel that my beta readers are pestering me to get published.  I spend yesterday researching possible homes for RAINBOW, and now want to do one final read-through/edit before preparing the submission.
I will have to do up several different pitches/cover letters/ resumes/ etc. to go along with the manuscript to ensure I meet each publishers’ differing submission guidelines. Only one publisher on my list of possibilities accepts e-submissions. This means I will have to do a lot of printing and packaging and spending-of-dollars-on-postage as well.
My Christmas cards are calling to me to get addressed so this morning I confirmed that I have printer labels—wouldn’t want to have to go back to hand-addressing them. I also need to draft up my annual Christmas message to include in the cards. I will remember to mention I was gifted two brand new granddaughters in 2012, released a new book, and am grieving the loss two family matriarchs. I will likely cry when I write that letter, somewhat like what is happening as I write this.
I will post this to my blog and then go for a ski. I need the fresh air and excerise, and the solitude and peace of a snow-bound forest.

Eileen Schuh, Author
Schrödinger's Cat

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