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I was ecstatic when my publisher, Imajin Books, suggested we publish a special School Edition of THE TRAZ. To me, her suggestion was a wonderful tribute to the merit of this novel.  It took me back to those heady weeks following the release of the first edition of THE TRAZ, when I answered several invitations to speak to at-risk children about the social issues touched on in THE TRAZ.

I loved those visits to the class rooms and libraries. I spoke about gangs and drugs. Bullying and adult influences. I spoke about making good decisions...and poor ones.  When one teacher asked me to speak about empowerment, I gained a whole new perspective of THE TRAZ.

As I'm prone to do in real life, I had become too focused on the negatives of the story.  Yes, Katrina made a bad decision to join a criminal gang but she also made good decisions--decisions that would always stand her in good stead.

She was only 13, but her life-long interest in things binary started her down the path to a lucrative career in computers.  She bonded with her Grandma through yoga--learning a mastery of her mind and body that would save her soul during troubled times.  She'd embraced ancestral traditions of hunting and gathering and this connection to nature would make her strong.

Yes, even at 13, Katrina was able to make empowering choices--despite being pelted with tragedies and traumas.  So, yes, THE TRAZ is a story with many positive lessons for those on the cusp of adulthood as well as warnings about the dangerous side of life.

The Teaching/Study Guide includes questions, discussion points, and possible answers on topics such as swearing, gangs, finances, depression, and freedom of speech.  It also includes a list of world-wide resources for help and information on things such as addictions, abuse, street drugs, and suicide.  A similar guide for adults and reading clubs is available on my website as a downloadable pdf file.

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Eileen Schuh, Canadian writer

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