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Catching a publisher...

How THE TRAZ caught the eyes of a publisher

I was hunkering down to learn the ropes of self-publishing, having given up hopes of capturing an agent or publisher, when I received an emailed contract from WolfSinger Publications for my Sci-Fi novella, SCHRÖDINGER’S CAT.  This was a complete surprise as I had submitted my manuscript almost 2 years earlier.  It was a WONDERFUL surprise, though.  Awesome.

The eyes on this new cover designed by my publisher catch everybody's attention

With such a confidence-booster now under my belt, I decided to continue on my journey to self-publishing—after all, if someone else thought they could make money off my writing, why shouldn’t I believe I could?
I spent lots of time and money preparing THE TRAZ for publication and learned many new things. I used some of the money I had saved by quitting smoking to pay for coaching, editing, covers, press releases trailers….

Along with those direct expenses, I built a website and blog, learned to Twitter, and tackled facebook—I increased my cyberspace presence in preparation for marketing THE TRAZ to the world. 

I paid for the design of this cover for THE TRAZ 1st Edition paperback

I established relationships, both online and face-to-face, with librarians, media personnel, teachers, adults who work with at-risk children… I garnered beta readers, proof readers, and reviewers.

I published THE TRAZ first as an eBook and then as a paperback. Once the paperback was out, (shortly after the release of Schrodinger’s Cat) I arranged book-signings, media interviews, and speaking engagements.

Then I began working on publishing the sequel to THE TRAZ. I was about to lay out some coin for the initial editing, when Imajin Books approached me. They wanted the eRights to THE TRAZ and both print and eRights to the sequel. I admit I was astounded. 

Yes, Imajin Books was familiar with me through my online presence, previous correspondence and a business relationship. I knew the publisher had read and reviewed THE TRAZ, but hadn’t read the sequel—nobody had read the sequel. They were willing to take a chance unseen on my next book.  That amazed me—and frightened me. But I quickly signed.

It was a bit difficult to give up the total control one has when self-publishing…but not all that hard—because it is quite easy not to spend all the money needed to bring a fine product to market. It is also quite easy to accept advance deposits into one’s PayPal account.

Besides, I’d been through this process with WolfSinger—and it hadn’t been at all painful.

Soon, Imajin Books also purchased the rights to publish both ebook and print School Editions of THE TRAZ, complete with a Teaching Guide at the back. 

Where’s my career going to go from here?  I can only Imajin….

THE TRAZ eBook is free on Amazon Kindle for THREE DAYS ONLY-- April 14, 15 and 16. Don’t have a Kindle? No problem—you can easily download Amazon’s free KINDLE FOR PCs software to read eBooks on your computer. There are also Kindle Apps for iPhones and Androids.

THE TRAZ is available in paperback and ebook formats and in a special School Edition that includes a Teaching Guide. Click on the following links to purchase or sample THE TRAZ

Also available from other fine online bookstores.
If THE TRAZ is not on your local bookstore or library shelves, ask for it to be ordered in for you.

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Eileen Schuh is also the author of the adult Sci-Fi novella SCHRÖDINGER’S CAT

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