Saturday, April 18, 2020

Schrödinger's Lockdown Covid--19


The mandated self-isolation required to prevent the unfettered spread of the novel coronavirus is proving very difficult. It is more than just the inconvenience and more than just the loss of freedom.

Yes, we are social creatures and socializing is etched into our genes--but it is more than that.

The effects of the lock-down reach deep into our psyche, disturbing our dreams and wearing on our emotions. Warping our sense of reality.

For those not familiar with the Schrödinger's cat thought experiment, the take away is that according to some interpretations of quantum theories, reality doesn't actually exist in our space time until it is observed.

Physicists are coming to realize that our entire reality, from subatomic particles on up through our world and out into the universe beyond, exists only in relation to other things. Much like 'up' is meaningless and can't exist without there being a 'down', things like electrons owe their existence to their interaction with other particles. The basic building blocks of energy and matter exist only in a state of possibility and probability until interacting with the space-time reality in which we exist. Only with that interaction, do they condense into a set time and place in our world.

I think we intrinsically know about this nature of our reality and it perhaps terrifies us to think that withdrawing from our society threatens it's very existence. Without interaction with our world, we fear it will fade away. We fear we will fade away. We fear reality will collapse into nothing, into a black hole, sucking us and all we know into non-existence.

This may not be a valid fear, but it is a primordial one, one that visits us at nighttime in dream messages, tapping into our subconscious knowledge. Beyond what we can express in words, we know reality needs our participation to exist.

As weeks of isolation turn into months of isolation, we feel ourselves fading away.

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