Friday, July 19, 2019

Abusive relationships: why not just leave?

It takes a woman an average of twenty attempts to break free of an abusive relationship, according to information provided by the local women’s shelter.
So when Allie gets caught up with Carbon in my novel SHADOW RIDERS, it should come as no surprise that getting out from under his control takes the entire book...and (perhaps) then some.

It is not, however, a reality that all appreciate. As in society at large, many readers put the onus on Allie to break free and are frustrated by her failed attempts.

It has bothered me for a long time that people blame women in abusive relationships for their troubles, their pain, their murders. “Why didn’t she just leave?”

My intent in writing SHADOW RIDERS was to explore the ties that keep women in violent relationships. In the SHADOW RIDERS’ Afterword I write, “It’s my hope Allie’s story helps both the victims of domestic violence and their communities understand the mental and emotional processes involved in the bonding between abused and abuser. May this understanding empower victims to break free and encourage us all to support them until they find the strength to do so.”

This intent is, of course, wrapped in an entertaining story that circumnavigates the globe, involves biker gangs, murders, espionage, drug trafficking, and the maligning of Canadian justice...among other things.

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Abusive relationships...has been brought to you by SHADOW RIDERS.

"Shadow Riders is absolutely phenomenal. Keeping me up at night."

"Love for an abuser is a mystery...but Schuh carries us so thoroughly into Allison’s mind...we almost understand.

"Shadow Riders is a thriller with depth and weight and fully explored characters" 

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