Friday, April 1, 2016

Apple announces 'iToilet'

Apple announced today the release of its latest in technology, the 'iToilet'-- reportedly designed to counteract the increasing number of customer complaints that their iPhones are not able to withstand being dropped in the biffy.

The new iToilet comes with a water-less flush, a soft-impact rubber lining and a guarantee that it will not cause damage to iPhones.

The premium model also comes with a wifi hub and a portal for charging the phone.

Critics caution consumers against purchasing such brand-dependent expensive permanent fixtures for their homes, warning them it will lock them into purchasing compatible Apple products down through the years.

However, Apple spokesperson, April Foowells, says consumers have been demanding such a product for years and Apple is simply addressing a need in the market place. She also points to the environmentally-friendly nature of the toilet.

Apple competitors, Microsoft and Samsung, declined to comment, citing the ill-timing of the announcement.

The product will be ready to ship world-wide on 1 April 2016, just in time for All Fools' Day.

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