Friday, January 29, 2016

I love that girl...

Katrina Buckhold, my protagonist, my mentor, my hero...

Oh, my goodness, I love that girl. Katrina Buckhold, my very first female protagonist to make it onto the printed page, the star of my debut novel THE TRAZ and the lifeblood of the  BackTracker series. I fell in love with her when she first appeared in my dreams as frightened young girl on an autumn ridge. Waiting...for what I did not know. Terrified, and I did not know why.
Katrina Buckhold

"Tell me. Tell me. Tell me," I said and she did.

Not everyone loves Katrina, and most of us don't at least some of time. She's abrasive and annoying. Self-centered and manipulative. Immature. Sometimes shallow.  But always, somehow, compelling.

She survives tremendous odds, faces unfathomable traumas, is perpetually in danger. Saves lives and touches souls.

I want to be her and I don't know why. Her life is so very tough, full of heart-ache. Murder, death, lonliness. Betrayal. Her social circle so small. Her fans, far away and silent.

But she stays with it. She's determined. She has a self-confidence I can only dream of. She is committed to seeing things through. She wants so much--for herself and her world--and she never stops reaching for it.

At the end of each book, each chapter of her life she is better, stronger, kinder, wiser than she was in on page one. Through each novel she changes and, as she changes, she changes me.

Perhaps that's why I love her, am obsessed with her, spend so much time spinning her tales. Perhaps that's why there are eight books drafted in the series. Perhaps I want to be her so...I can change lives.

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Eileen Schuh, Author

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