Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Autumn colours, autumn words

This is why autumn is my favorite season.

Coincidentally, it is the fave season of Katrina Buckhold, the young protagonist in my BackTracker series.

Excerpt from FIREWALLS

Katrina Buckhold
Katrina headed into the evening sun. The weather had held for her wedding, and two weeks later, it was still holding. Autumn, her favourite season. It was the colours, the golden light from a sun travelling low on the horizon, the musty, distinctive autumn aromas.

She loved the red berries on the mountain ash. The yellow of fallen leaves on the green of the grass and the sound of them crackling under her feet.

When she arrived at Shrug’s, he called her around to the backyard.

“You didn’t!” she said, catching her breath as she rounded the corner. A brand new Harley-Davidson Night Rod stood in the rear drive. Its chrome and deep cobalt sparking back the glow of a setting sun. Shrug stood still as she traced her fingers over the metal and the leather. “Nice.”


"Schuh is raw, she's real, and she packs one hell of a punch."

"I can promise you Katrina will get under your skin and into your heart."

 "I am in awe of the depth of this work."

"...action packed with emotional lies, love, hate & survival"

“Intense & sensual”

Eileen Schuh, Author

Schrödinger's Cat

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