Monday, August 18, 2014

Gangs and Teens

My BackTracker novels (The Traz, FATAL ERROR, Firewalls) are about gangs. Here is a news item about the reality of gang life.

Who is the 956 gang that's moved into Yellowknife?

B.C.-based gang began as 'just a bunch of kids being stupid,' retired cop recalls

Of special interest is the info about nefarious adults recruiting youngsters into the violent gang lifestyle. In THE TRAZ, Katrina is 13 when she's invited to join the The Traz, one of North America's most powerful biker gangs. As surreal as it seems that a child her age  could become involved this way, news headlines continuously prove my novel is a realistic depiction of what is happening out there.

Adult gang recruiters look for at-risk teens, and Katrina fits that bill.

She's without adult supervision, depressed, doesn't fit in at school, is seeking adventure....weaknesses the gang knows exactly how to manipulate. However, despite her superior intelligence and street-smarts, she discovers she's no match for the brute strength of the adult bikers and that leaving a gang is sometimes impossible. The School Edition of THE TRAZ comes with a Teaching/Discussion Guide and a list of resources for those seeking help or more information on issues such as depression, addictions, and gangs.

"The whole thing ends on a knife edge."
“After reading THE TRAZ I came away wanting more!” 
“I recommend this dark and compelling story” 
"They draw her into the dark world of drugs, murder & lawlessness..."

Eileen Schuh, Author


Schrödinger's Cat

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