Tuesday, December 10, 2013


The most popular of my video book promos during my recent library tour was the live-action SCHRÖDINGER'S CAT trailer. It mesmerized my young audiences and thrilled the adults, too.

I used it to demonstrate how 'showing' is more powerful than 'telling'. This video has no written words, other than the title, my name, and the credits at the end. It's all show... (and I'm in it!)


SCHRÖDINGER'S CAT  is a WolfSinger publication and is on sale all month! Pick up a copy, send a copy to someone you love, to those who have everything...except a great SciFi from a Canadian author.  

 To celebrate the holidays we are offering a 25% discount on WolfSinger Publications titles
For print titles - please visit our CreateSpace Store front and use discount code 3XFTQXKK at checkout. 

For those who prefer eBooks over print books - the following titles are also discounted 25% at Smashwords.

You have to use the discount code for the specific title. (Unfortunately, Smashwords is not set up to generate a single promotional code for all titles.)

Schrondinger's Cat - Discount Code - JB44W

 A Cycle of Gods - Discount Code - DX88B

A Tates of Armageddon - Discount Code - AU49E

All About Eve - Discount Code - UG58A

Aqua Vitae - Discount Code - EL43R

The City Under the Bridge - Discount Code - WC42C

Claire - Discount Code - LC43W

da sticks - Discount Code - PK24G

da bug - Discount Code - ED25M

Different Dragons - Discount Code - TY73G

The Feline Queen and other Stories of Myth and Magic - Discount Code - JS64D

Gardens of the Fey - Discount Code - JS64D

The Hero of Twilight - Discount Code - NR37H

The Threat of Saint Flesh - Discount Code - BR83Q

High Rage - Discount Code - YF46K

The Hotel Galileo - Discount Code - PU67M

In Adam's Fall - Discount Code - RY58H

The King’s Champion - Discount Code - VZ99J

Metastasis - Discount Code - LM63L

Remember Me to Paradise - Discount Code - TQ95H

Schrondinger's Cat - Discount Code - JB44W

Stories of Feminie Strength - Discount Code - QJ44F

This Ain’t No Rodeo - Discount Code - TA44K

Time Traveling Coffers - Discount Code - XB38J

The Twelve - Discount Code - QU39U

Winter Awakening - Discount Code - DN28E

WolfSongs - Discount Code - YV32N

WolfSongs 2 - PW76R

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