Wednesday, August 15, 2012

One mistake & someone dies...

One mistake & someone dies > FATAL ERROR < Loss of data. System crash. No recovery. His vacant blue eyes will haunt her forever. Coming soon...

I’m practising pitching my upcoming release, FATAL ERROR. The anticipation is driving me nuts! Yesterday I finished the edits requested by my publisher, Imajin Books, and emailed the manuscript back to her. It will again be reviewed by an editor before I do one final read-through and proof. it goes to the printer and to online bookstores.

In the meantime, my publisher will soon send me an ARC (that stands for Advanced Reading Copy). It is a draft version of the book that I will ask accomplished authors and noted reviewers to peruse. You will get to read what they thought of this action-packed adventure thriller because I’ll be shouting out excerpts from their reviews across my social network. Also, my publisher’s favourite review lines will appear on the cover and inside pages  of FATAL ERROR.

Also in the meantime, (there are lots of meantimes in the publishing industry...lots of waiting as the experts do their things) the cover for FATAL ERROR will be designed. As this novel is the second in my series, you can expect its cover to hold similarities to the cover of THE TRAZ (2nd edition). Other than know that, I have no idea what Imajin Books has in mind. Despite warnings to the contrary, we all know that people judge books by their covers, so you can bet Imajin Books will get me the most fantastic cover design ever!

Also in the meantime (told you there are lots of meantimes), someone out there with technical skills of which I can only dream, is putting together a book trailer for FATAL ERROR. This video promo for the book, with pictures, graphics, and text set to music, will get uploaded to YouTube, and to my website, and to my blog and to many other places eager to promote my novel. I will play this trailer on my laptop during my book signings and presentations, to attract the attention of potential readers.

In the meantime, I will be arranging book-launching parties (both real and virtual), visits to schools, bookstores, libraries... last time, during the launching of THE TRAZ, I even visited a facility for young offenders and talked to the kids about issues addressed in The Traz such as the dangers of gangs and the importance of good decision-making. 

As I await the September 2012 release of FATAL ERROR, I will continue promoting my published novels: THE TRAZ and SCHRÖDINGER’S CAT.

For the next 3 days, Wednesday, August 15th through to Friday, August 17th all those who use Twitter be sure to stop in at the Imajin Books’ Summer Sizzles Twitter Party. Search #ImajinAuthors to find us and pick up your virtual margarita. Follow the witty conversation, join in, ask a question, answer one...have fun. We’d love to hear from you.

And don’t forget, during the entire month of August THE TRAZ and THE TRAZ School Edition ebooks are both only 99¢. And my adult Sci-Fi novella, Schrödingers Cat, is on sale this month, too! 

My books are all available as paperbacks as well, and can be purchased from any fine online bookstore. If you want to purchase my books online, click on the titles of the books below. If they are not in your local library or neighbourhood bookstore, you can ask to have them brought in for you. 


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Gilli Allan said...

Phew! You make me feel tired, Eileen, just reading about all those things to be done in the meantime, let alone the things you'll be doing once the book hits the shops (both virtual and physical). Good luck.

Gilli x

Francine Howarth said...


What pep pills do you take? I want some! ;)

Good luck with every thing pre book launch, and here's hoping for great sales. CHEERS, m' dear!!!


Eileen Schuh: said...

Thanks for visiting, dear friends. Yes, there's a lot more to being a novelist than just writing novels. However, I'm glad I have a publisher overseeing much of the pre-publication work for FATAL ERROR.

As you both probably know, when one self-publishes (as I did with THE TRAZ 1st edition) it is the author that has to take care of covers, and trailers, and ARCs and editors... so FATAL ERROR ought to me a snap...right?

Either way, it's all lots of fun and I'm always learning something new.