Monday, February 6, 2012

Top ten ways you can tell you're in a parallel universe

In Schrodinger’s Cat, distinctive odors tip off Chorie (and the reader) as to which universe she’s inhabiting.

In reality, it is much more difficult to determine which world you’re in. Here, to assist you are the top ten ways you can tell if you’re not in the universe that you thought you were:
  1. Someone you don’t know greets you on the street by name and asks how your mother is 
  2.  A politician who you’re sure was under investigation for fraud two years ago is now running for Prime Minster/President 
  3.  The video surveillance camera shows an entirely different crime scene than the one you saw and testified about
  4. You’re positive your best friend’s birthday is next month but find out it was last week 
  5.  When playing “guess who sang this song?” with friends, your answer for the one tune you’re absolutely positive about proves to be wrong 
  6.  You lose an argument about what year the family photo was taken
  7. You wake up and all the clothes in your closet are a size too small 
  8.  You set the table for a family supper and you’re one plate short 
  9.  A telemarketer calls and speaks perfect English 
  10.  Suggest the  tenth way one can tell if one’s in a parallel universe and I’ll enter your name in my draw for a Kindle (I guarantee that you’ll be the winner—in a universe somewhere)

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Eileen Schuh, Canadian writer


Cheryl Tardif said...

10. You bump into your alternate self and discover she's a perfect size 6 (with not a gray hair in sight and flawless skin) and she can eat whatever she wants--including cheesecake, carrot cake pecan pie, fried chicken and burgers--without gaining a single pound.

Eileen Schuh: said...

Is it possible to absolutely HATE one's alternate self? lol Thanks, for your suggestion, Cheryl. I hope this one never happens to me...