Saturday, November 5, 2011

I love community book stores

After my author’s visit to Lots-A-Books in Cold Lake, AB, I’ve decided that yes, indeed, every community needs a bookstore.  

What a warm welcome I received along with a cup of warm herbal tea (what else would one drink in a quaint independent book store on a cold winter's day?)

In the front window facing the main street was a fluorescent poster announcing my visit.  A small table with a lovely blue cloth was ready and waiting for me when I arrived, complete with a display of my books.  

Before I’d even pulled out my computer (I wanted to have the youtube video book trailer for The Traz playing during my visit) I was approached by Brad Harrison from the Beaver River Banner  

After interviewing me, he took my picture and bought a book.

I chatted with customers, young old.  Lots-A-Book owners, Kathy and Dave, made sure each customer who entered was introduced to me.  I was pleasantly surprised to see so many youngsters in the store.  It appeared to be a tradition for many families to visit the bookstore Saturday afternoons and let the young ‘uns pick out a ‘treat’ (a book).  The kids loved touching, and sniffing, and opening—leaving me not at all certain that the next generation will abandoned paper for electronics.

I chatted with the owners and staff, and got the inside scoop on the successes and threats facing small bookstores.  Together we brainstormed ways we could mutually promote our books.

I signed books, sold books, and was totally in awe of the love of books I saw in the eyes of all who entered.

Thanks Kathy and Dave.  You were wonderful hosts.  We must do it all again.

 5010 50 Avenue
Cold Lake AB  T9M 1P3

Eileen Schuh, Canadian writer

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Sarah Butland said...

Sounds awesome, Eileen! This certainly makes up for the devastation felt from your other encounter and another big step in the right direction!

Keep at it.